Green Leaf Projects helps you understand the joy of biking by organising workshops and bike related community events in and around Kortrijk, Belgium.

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Australia’s biggest gravity mountain biking event just kicked off in Thredbo and looks to be a blast this year!

#InterestingFacts - Cannonball MTB Festival





Brompton recalls bikes over faulty part
“Through our warranty and quality assurance process we have become aware of an issue affecting a component manufactured between April 2014 – May 2017.
The axle of the 3rd party supplied FAG Bottom Bracket has had higher than expected reported incidence of failure. Although this still meets international safety standards this does not meet the standards which Brompton sets for its components.
We have therefore initiated a programme to recall all affected bikes and replace the bottom bracket cartridge with a new and tested part, free of charge to all of our affected customers.”
Check their website for further details:

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For all you statistic freaks, here are some glasses that will give you real-time data while you are on your ride!

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If you want your kids looking cool on their ride, check out MamaVelo’s website!

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This weekend sees the RedHook Crit Milano No.8 take place, the last and decisive race of the 2017 Championship series.
On Saturday 14th @ 20:30 the Women’s Criterium will start and be followed by the Men’s Criterium @ 21:30!

#InterestingFacts - 2017 RHC Milano No.7





#InterestingFacts - Chris Froome Tour de France 2017

Chris Froome won his fourth Tour de France title on 23 July 2017. Although he never won a stage during the 2017 Tour, he was victorious thanks to his exceptional time trialing abilities showcased on the Grand Depart in Dusseldorf and on stage 20 in Marseille.
(Source: Wikipedia – Photo: letour.com)


“Resolute Bay have been producing great cycling jeans with reflective detailing since launching in 2015, and now they’re expanding their product range – starting with a rain jacket.
The LS1 Rain Jacket is no normal waterproof cycling jacket though.
As you can see, this jacket has a secret. By day, it is a but a simple stylish jacket. But by night, when the bright lights of a car hit the jacket, it transforms!”

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Here is an interesting solution for your daily chores:


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“Every single Danso Bamboo Bicycle frame is hand made in the community of Kumasi, in Ghana, from locally sourced bamboo and sisal fibre.
The frame consists of bamboo tubes fastened with hemp fibers and bio-epoxy resin.”

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Tour de France 2017, here are the current standings after today’s Stage 12 results!

#InterestingFacts - Tour de France - Stage 12 results



If you are heading to Cologne and need a cargo bike, Donk-EE have just started a bike sharing system with 40 electric Cargo bikes!
Donk-EE is handy and flexible: with the simple sharing system, you can borrow a bike whenever and wherever and for as long as you want. The bike lock opens with an app. If you want to park on the road, you only have to put the bolt back into the lock. To return the bike, go back to the respective Donk-EE partner, close the wheel and end the rental in the app – until next time.

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Ready for some summer cycling adventures? Maybe Scafell Pike Co. accessories are what you need to assure a smoother journey!

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The 17th edition of the Bicycle Film Festival has just commenced and looks to have a very interesting program… Check their website for full details bicyclefilmfestival.com




Premium cotton. Zip fly and button closure; single back pocket, two slanted side pockets and two double cargo pockets in front; saddle patch; belt loops and lock loop at left back. Reinforced saddle contact area.

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It’s not a cycling cap, it’s not a cycling helmet, it’s kind of both!
Check them out…

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The newly opened WallRide Park in Hyderabad (India) certainly offers fun for all!

#InterestingFacts - WallRide Park - Hyderabad (India)

Skateboard Park: Purpose built to build and hone your skate, scoot and BMX skills…

Pump Track: built for anything non-motorized and has wheels. Designed to keep you going just by the rhythmic action of pumping…

Air Bag Jump: Specially designed to absorb the impact, so ride that ramp and feel the freedom of the air and safety of a soft landing…



For all of you planning to go cyclotouring and camping this summer, this could be a great gadget to bring along…

“LANTERN is a powerful 1000 lumen light that makes lighting ANY space a cinch! The unique design goes from an adjustable beam to a room filling, hands-free light source in seconds.
Ride a bike? LANTERN is a powerful headlight capable of projecting a beam over 750 feet, and it’s large lithium-ion battery gives you hours of uninterrupted light and enough juice to keep your USB devices going strong.”

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Giro D’Italia 5-28 May 2017

#InterestingFacts - Giro D'Italia Jerseys

MAGLIA ROSA: Climbing, Agility, Stamina

MAGLIA CICLAMINO:  Speed, Sprint, Power

MAGLIA AZZURRA: Leadership, Triumph , Team Spirit

MAGLIA BIANCA:  Youth, Enthusiasm, Willfulness



Listen to music while hearing what’s going on around you? With bone conduction speakers you can hear traffic and other surrounding noises while listening to your favourite tracks, and with Zungle Inc sunglasses you look cool too!



“The performance of a cycle shoe with the comfort and style of a sneaker. The NBCycle shoe for women is SPD® clip compatible and designed with a full toe-to-heel plate with a recessed cleat.”

#InterestingFacts - NB cycling shoe



This Saturday sees the RedHook Crit celebrate its 10th year in Brooklyn, NewYork.
Get ready for some adreneline racing!
#InterestingFacts - RHC Brooklyn 10th Year



” Magliamo was founded in 2014 by Diederik Degryse, avid sportsman and connoisseur of vintage cycling in collaboration with Dagmara Stephan (Master of Fine Arts in Textile design, Konstfack Sweden), machine-knitter specializing in hand craft, and new technologies.
Magliamo seeks to revive the atmosphere of cycling races from the 60’s and 70’s by recreating the distinctive wool jerseys worn by that era’s greatest champions.
Still today, we associate cycling’s heroes (Coppi, Anquetil, Merckx, Gimondi, Maertens, De Vlaeminck, Hinault, Moser…) and their historic achievements with the very personalized and handcrafted jerseys they wore. The Magliamo clothing line pays tribute to this great era and its champions. ”



A few months ago, a small village in Poland by the name of Lidzbark Warminski created quite the buzz with a brilliant idea: a bike path that shines at night.
By using a synthetic phosphorous material, the ground absorbs solar energy during the day and releases it during the night, making the entire path glow bright blue for almost ten hours!

#InterestingFacts - Lidzbark Warminski - Glowing Blue Bike lane

(source: selleroyal.com)


#interestingfacts - vespertine logo

“Safety and style collide in the Haute Réflecture reflective wear collection by Vespertine. Designed to shine. Born in NYC.”

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#interestingfacts - waterford lugs

“Since the bicycle’s invention in the late 1800s the traditional way to join steel tubes to make a bicycle frame was by melting brass into a lugged joint.
Brazing, as it is known, done at a higher temperature and the resulting joint is much stronger. Early lugs were in fact pipefittings; these were heavy steel sand castings, cut square at the edges, and machined on the inside to fit the tube.
Framebuilders then started filing the lugs thinner cutting the lugs into fancy shapes to eliminate the square edge of the lug.
By the 1950s the cutting and filing of lugs became the way a framebuilder would express his art and individuality, but by the 1960s and 1970s, fancy lugwork became too costly and lugs stamped from sheet steel and welded, became available.
By the 1980s “Investment” cast lugs became available, achieved by first hand making a lug. From this “pattern” lug a simple plaster mould was made.
A lug made of wax was cast in the plaster mold; this in turn was coated in a ceramic material and fired in an oven. The firing hardened the ceramic coating and at the same time melted the wax from inside, molten steel was poured into the mold, and when cooled the ceramic mold had to be broken to remove the finished lug, hence the name, “Investment” casting. An expensive process, but the finished lug was near perfect, the tubes fit with no machining required; very little filing required from the framebuilder.
Standard lugs, bottom bracket shells, and fork crowns are made this way.”
(Source: Dave Moulton’s Blog / photo: Waterford Bikes)


#InterestingFacts - Ride With Wolves

“Ride with Wolves is an independent clothing company that specialises in cycling apparel. With the bold use of reflective ink, our apparel is designed to make a statement. Whether you’re under the gleaming lights of the velodrome or cycling down a busy city street, with your Ride with Wolves clothing you’ll always been seen looking damn good.”



On the 26th March let your hair down, dress up as a giraffe, get out your worse bike, and head over to Rome for the one-of-a-kind Forte Freak Cross race.
Just don’t expect to get home in one piece!

#InterestingFacts - Forte Freak Cross