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Sometimes off-the-shelf simply won’t do. To bring your dream bike to life, we offer three levels of customisation. Choose from a complete custom frame with one-off paint and geometry; an existing model with custom geometry; or a custom respray of your own frameset.
My Wild Love – Treviso (Italy)

#HallOfFrame - My Wild Love - Treviso (Italy) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Indipendant Fabrication - Newmarket NH (USA) LOGO

We’ve built our legacy on solid steel and evolved our capabilities through titanium and carbon fiber. Advances in technology will continue to refine and hone our design processes, but there will never be a substitute for elbow grease and artistry.
Independent Fabrication – Newmarket NH (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Indipendant Fabrication - Newmarket NH (USA)



#HallOfFrame - Jam (Russia) LOGO
Handcrafted manufacturer based in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Making steel and aluminum track frames, touring, road and cx frames.
Jam Bicycles – St.Petersburg (Russia)

#HallOfFrame - Jam (Russia)



#HallOfFrame - Demon (UK) LOGO

The frames made by Demon are a unique blend of tradition, artistic vision and modern technology. Each is lovingly made to measure, one at a time. Because each frame takes an average 150 hours to create, only a handful are made each year. Demon’s approach to making frames is complex and very involved, there are no short cuts. The results are strikingly beautiful bikes that ride as good as they look.
Demon Frameworks – Southampton (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Demon (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Mariposa - Toronto (Canada) LOGO

Mariposa is a hand built bicycle manufacturer. At mariposa, craftsmen focus on one bike at a time. Your mariposa is created specifically for you: one tube selector, one cutter, one machinist, one builder, one painter, one assembler.
Mariposa Bicycles – Totonto (Canada)

#HallOfFrame - Mariposa - Toronto (Canada) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Legor Cicli - Barcelona (Spain) LOGO

“It all started with the first steel track bikes. Only Columbus steel. It’s on those that I insisted with the stubborness I got from years and years of skateboarding (and asphalt too…). Now I love and respect deeply every aspect of cycling, and I build frames for all of the purest disciplines.”
Legor Cicli – Barcelona (Spain)

#HallOfFrame - Legor Cicli - Barcelona (Spain) FRAME


photos: paolo ciaberta


#HallOfFrame - Bonanno - Berlin (Germany) LOGO

“Telai artigianali / Handmade bicycle frames”
Italian passion, German precision, what more can you ask for?
Cicli Bonanno – Berlin (Germany)

#HallOfFrame - Bonanno - Berlin (Germany)



#HallOfFrame - REN Cycles - Portland (USA) LOGO

“From the blacktop and back roads of exotic destinations to the familiar streets and trails of your hometown, REN is there with you, both a vehicle for adventure and part of the adventure itself.”
REN Cycles – Portland (USA)

#HallOfFrame - REN Cycles - Portland (USA) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Wittson - Lithuania LOGO

“Already well known as a frame-builder for COLNAGO, Vidmantas “Vitas” Zukauskas has been building best-selling frames from the mid-90s, going by the names Monotitan, Ovaltitan, Ovalmaster, Master BiTitan, CT1, etc. These works of master craftsmanship are broadly recognized and their quality speaks for itself. As COLNAGO moved on to Asia and carbon frame production, Vitas continued to specialize in ti frame building for other brands, including ARGON18, RED BULL, VAN TUYL etc. Over time, Vitas has become more and more well known as a master in ti frame building with worldwide orders from cyclists that value craftsmanship. His son has become involved in ti frame building and they have embarked on a new journey with WITTSON. These are bespoke tailor-made frames built to last a lifetime.”
Wittson Custom Ti Cycles – Lithuania

#HallOfFrame - Wittson - Lithuania FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Automatic cycles - Bristol (UK) LOGO

“The Instrument” Cross country race bike with aggressive geometry and a carbon fibre seat tube.
Automatic Cycles – Bristol (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Automatic cycles - Bristol (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Dario Pegoretti - Italy LOGO

“telaista     s.m. e f. [der.di telaio] (pl.m. -i).
Colui che pensa, concepisce ed esegue un telaio per bicicletta, dando al proprio manufatto una forte impronta di buon senso tecnico/progettuale e originalità creativa.
La sola esecuzione non fa il telaista.”

#HallOfFrame - Dario Pegoretti - Italy FRAME blog




“Brian is a born tinkerer with the aesthetic of an artist and a meticulous attention to detail. He is not in the business of mass producing bicycles.
Brian builds your bike from start to finish including designing, manufacturing, engineering, and even paint. He takes the time to know the bike that is right for you and takes the time to build it right.
Every bicycle that he builds is unique to its individual owner. “You can hang your new bike on the wall like a work of art, or you can ride the hell out of it.”
Kelson Bikes – Idaho (USA)




All Rusby frames are hand built by me, Jake Rusby, using a mixture of simple hand tools, state of the art jigs and workhorse machinery. Every frame that I make is different; each one is tailored to the rider and has its own detailing that lends it a classy and often understated aesthetic. A huge amount of care goes into every stage of the process to ensure that the finish is immaculate and that the frame will endure many happy years of riding. The design, building and spray painting of the frames is all done in-house. I also work closely with a hugely experienced mechanic and wheelbuilder to turn frames into complete, dream bicycles.
Rusby Cycles – Bristol (UK)





All our frames are custom made here in Melbourne using the best in steel tubing. We do not have a large production facility to mass produce frames nor do we have any plans to.
We believe handmade trumps the mass produced and good design is forever. We are developing our products in the firm belief that the details matter and that there should be value and longevity in the things we surround ourselves with.
Kres Cycles – Melbourne (Australia)





“Craftsmanship with the highest quality and functionality, combined with unique and individual design belong to the genetic code of each Rink bicycle.
My preferred material is steel – because it convinces with sustainability and doesn’t need to fear comparison with alternative materials.
Rink bicycle frames are produced exclusively in Austria – with highest dedication, craft passion and attention to individualism. For today’s cycling enthusiasts.”
Rink Cycles – Österreich (Austria)





“Humans have decorated their belongings since we started having belongings. Whether it’s a simple single color or something that blurs the line between art and craft, the personalized finish of a Black Cat is something I take great pride in.
I personally design and apply all the paint, so these bikes are the truest extension of their builder.”
Black Cat – Aptos, California (USA)






“Victoire Cycles is a company created in 2011 by a group of friends from different cycling horizons. We make bespoke steel frames as well as components machined in aluminium alloy. Our products are made for every cycling discipline, from road to mountain bike, including urban bicycles and fixed gear.
During the twenty last years, frame builders have disappeared gradually. Nowadays, they have been replaced by mass-production bicycles, performant but impersonal. That’s why we offer to our customers high-end bespoke products, to fit to their morphology and their riding. We combine the frame builder savoir-faire of yesteryear with the most modern technologies thanks to the use of specific tools developed internally.”
Victoire Cycles – Clermont-Ferrand (France)





Using traditional methods but not afraid to throw in a few modern ones we build you your ideal bicycle. They’re built with the foundations of clear thinking and a love for working with the customer and the design process in which your dream bicycle is translated from mind to physical being.
Donhou Bicycles – London (UK)




“Our mission is to supply the highest possible quality custom built bicycles using lugged cro-moly steel frames and forks.
Australian owned and operated by the Bundy family since 1940.
We use Columbus-Tange & Reynolds tubing. All our frames are joined with lugs.”
Bundy Custom Frames – Sydney (Australia)





“I was born and raised in Japan and came to the United States to study at the Art College, after graduation I worked for 12 years as a sculptor.
In 2006 I started to take cycling seriously and connected with many local riders, some of whom were frame builders. The artistic beauty of their hand-made, custom-built frames inspired me to create chain rings under the brand 3RRR Products.
This ultimately fueled my desire to build custom bicycle frames myself. My comfort grew and eventually frame building became my sculptures.”
Tomii Cycles – Austin (USA)




“We produce 500 hand made and hand painted bicycles a year. Each one of them is a bit different and every piece is very much unique. A Festka always reflects its rider and their needs.
We invest a lot into development and every new model is a fusion of construction alchemy and riding experience.
We make our own tubes from carbon fibre, carefully weld top class Italian stainless steel tubes from Columbus and precisely shape noble titanium tubes.
Our goal is to make state of the art bicycles that are effective, attractive and efficient.”
Festka – Prague (Czech Republic)





“Our frames are always cut and created to match the needs of their rider. Sarto means tailor…a rather novel approach in today’s market.
What does this allow us to do?  Anything your heart desires.  From custom geometries as unique as you are, to one-off changes like seatpost diameters and head tube sizes.

We are always pleased by our ability to offer services the rest of the industry cannot. The truth is, most companies are too big, too risk averse, and too cheap to sell anything but their stock models. We offer a wide variety of add-ons and variations to our line of frames, from adjustments to geometry and fit, to bottom bracket type, integrated seat masts, dropouts, internal routing and anything else you might need.”
Sarto – Venice (IT)





“It’s always been our dream to design and build quality frames right here in the UK. It’s a passion and an obsession. Our designs are innovative, our construction quality second-to-none.
Sure, we don’t suit everyone’s tastes – that’s because we make the bikes we want to ride. But it’s this philosophy that’s gained us top-scoring reviews across the board ever since we started out. What we do, we do well.
And if there’s one claim we’re willing to defend, it’s that you will not find another frame with as much love and care put into it, anywhere.”
BTR Fabrications – Frome (UK)





“Each of our custom bicycles are one of a kind. Appearance of your bike stands on your style and wish of our great ideas.
We implement solutions that are not used on stock bicycles, designing bikes based on size of your body to make your ride very comfortable.
Each of our bikes are made with maximum attention and professional experience.”
ParkRoad Manufactory – Minsk (Belarus)




“We all dream. My dream has been to introduce another line of handmade frames, offer a custom fit, and spread my enthusiasm of the ride to folks that haven’t been able to throw a leg over a Stanridge.

We want to have fun. Shred. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Our machines are made here in the USA by hand. We’re celebrating the brotherhood. It’s about the ride. We want to see where you ride. We want to hear about your adventures.”
Wraith Fabrication – Columbus, Ohio (USA)





“To make a bike that is super light, that is fast and still comfortable, is something. But there is a quality beyond that, something special that’s been a part of all of our favorite bikes over the years, something that causes them to lodge in our minds and hearts.
It is important to us to build bikes which have that quality. Special bikes. Favorites. And it’s important that they are this way, not for the first year or two years, but for at least a decade.
We hope that our bikes, most of them anyway, are lifers.”
Baum Cycles – North Shore – Victoria (Australia)




“Bicycle sizing boils down to the relationship between the three points where your body contacts the bike: the saddle, the pedals and the handlebars. The frame itself could have any shape imaginable but as long as the measurements between those contact points is correct; you will fit on the bike.”
Rolo – Luxembourg




#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Swarf logo

“At Swarf Cycles we aren’t interested in fashion fads and we’re not interested in form over function.
We care about making great bikes, with the focus on performance and strength. We use the best available materials and aim to offer as many options as possible to our customers.
We believe in thorough testing of our frames, we’ve ridden thousands of miles on the prototype bikes, we’ve raced, crashed, jumped, dropped and run them into trees! We wanted to be sure that our frames will perform long term and they have proven to be amazingly reliable”
Dorchester / UK

#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Swarf frame



#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Cherubim Logo

“To create things with our own hands, here we believe in the origin of making things. Skills, experience, passion, man, Art. The fundamental approach of “handmade”, the intersection of imagination is a privilege of the human race. That is the Cherubim workshop in a corner of Tokyo, Japan.”

#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Cherubim frame



#HallOfFrame - Moth Attack - USA LOGO

“Before there were frames, there was a moth attack. Or at least a moth infestation one morning in the Los Angeles kitchen of Megan Dean. It was one of those situations where one could either get annoyed or motivated, and Megan choose the latter.
Launching Moth Attack after perfecting her skills with master frame builder Koichi Yamaguchi, she now applies this knowledge to lugged and fillet brazed steel frame sets.
Each one custom made with purpose, fit and love in mind.”
Los Angeles (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Moth Attack - USA FRAME