#HallOfFrame - Bread Winner Cycles - Portland (USA) LOGO

“Before Ira and Tony created Breadwinner Cycles, they were two Portland bicycle builders who met at a cyclocross race. The year was 2005. Tony was racing, and Ira was recovering from riding the Trans Iowa gravel road race. Parallel paths brought them together.”
Breadwinner Cycles – Portland (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Breadwinner Cycles - Portland (USA) FRAME



“100% hand-made from strong magnesium tubing paired with a full carbon fiber fork, resulting in a super lightweight, fast and responsive ride.”
Middleasta – Tel Aviv (Isreal)

#HallOfFrame - Maddleasta - Tel Aviv (Isreal) FRAME



“We produce unique hand-crafted frames for road, gravel, cyclocross, and track – the joy of the ride is in everything we do. Each frame is inspired by it’s rider and it’s intended journey; a singular expression in steel and carbon.”
Quirk Cycles – London (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Quirk Cycles - London (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Anonimous Cycles - Gippingen (Switzerland) LOGO

“We manufacture bicycles. With heart and soul.”
Anonimous Cycles – Gippingen (Switzerland)

#HallOfFrame - Anonimous Cycles - Gippingen (Switzerland) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Mawis Bikes - Kleinblittersdorf (Germany) LOGO

“Do you like looking at bikes? Did you ever see one where you liked the rider? Even before you saw him oder her? Happens to me all the time. Bikes say a lot about yourself. Why then should a frame not be every bit as unique as the human being riding it? That’s why I love and build custom frames. I don’t do production runs. I build bespoke bikes, one by one, starting with design and the geometry to fit you like a glove, continuing with a hacksaw, a file, a TIG welder, a pipe bender and finishing everything off with an extensive manual finish and a bolt on headbadge.”
Mawis Bikes – Kleinblittersdorf (Germany)

#HallOfFrame - Mawis Bikes - Kleinblittersdorf (Germany) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Allied Cycle Works - Arkansas (USA) LOGO

“The question that I get asked more than any other is: “Why?” Why build a new brand? Why manufacture bicycles yourselves? Why not just make them in Asia like everyone else? My official answer is: “It is the right thing to do.””
Allied Cycle Works – Arkansas (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Allied Cycle Works - Arkansas (USA) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Saffron Frameworks - London (UK) LOGO

“We create custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each Saffron frame is unique and every one is hand-crafted especially for you. By first understanding what you want from your bicycle, together we design a frame matching your geometry and cycling goals. Then, after some measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting I turn that design into your perfect travelling partner on two wheels. We build just a few frames each year, and we treat each one with the same love and care.”
Saffron Frameworks – London (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Saffron Frameworks - London (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Legend - Bonate Sopra (Italy) LOGO

“Our frames are created to satisfy the most exacting customers. They are all hand-made by expert craftsmen in our factory in Italy, who use the best technologies and equipment, resulting in a customized, hand-finished masterpiece. Clearly unique.”
Legend – Bonate Sopra (Italy)

#HallOfFrame - Legend - Bonate Sopra (Italy) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Métier Vélo - Salt Lake City (USA) LOGO

“Founded in 2013, Métier Vélo is a small-scale custom bicycle design and fabrication shop. Our bicycles are built with 3D-printed titanium lugs to join carbon-fiber tubes into light, strong, tough, repairable, and beautiful performance frames.”
Métier Vélo – Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
 #HallOfFrame - Métier Vélo - Salt Lake City (USA) FRAME


#HallOfFrame - Velocipedo - Halle (Germany) LOGO

“VELOCiPEDO was founded in early 2014 by Matthias Jeschke of Halle (Saale). A qualified car mechanic as well as a design school graduate, Matthias is really passionate about his brand, in which he merged his two main interests, engineering and design. He has been riding road bikes and dealt with them in the workshop for more than 30 years, designing and building bikes for friends and teams before he decided to put all his eggs in one basket with VELOCiPEDO”
Velocipedo – Halle (Germany)

#HallOfFrame - Velocipedo - Halle (Germany) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Paulus Quiros - Swansea (UK) LOGO

“Innovation award finalists for their work, Paulus Quiros have been designing and engineering bespoke bikes for almost a decade. Taking an academic approach to bike building, they combine high technical specifications and complex engineering in an aesthetic design. Their extensive knowledge, experience and passion come together to produce bikes that perform as good as they look”
Paulus Quiros – Swansea (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Paulus Quiros - Swansea (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Donard Bikes - Strangford Lough (Ireland) LOGO

Donard Bikes is the only manufacturer in Ireland that builds bespoke custom bikes in both Carbon Fibre and Steel – infact one of only a very small number anywhere in the world that work in both materials!
Framebuilder, Owen Byrne built his first frame in 2012 and started Donard Bikes in 2015 and went on to win two awards at the prestigious Bespoked UK Handbuilt bike show in 2017.
Donard Bikes – Strangford Lough (Ireland)

#HallOfFrame - Donard Bikes - Strangford Lough (Ireland) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Stanridge Cycles - Columbus (USA) LOGO

“The one goal I do personally pursue is that of knowledge about my business sector, business practices in general, refining and progressing as a builder. My personal quest has been that of bicycle form, bicycle geometry, how they correlate and translate to comfort for my casual consumer and speed to the athletes. I’m a believer in less bigness, more authenticity. Do what feels right and good things happen.”
Stanridge Cycles – Columbus, OH (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Stanridge Cycles - Columbus (USA) FRAME

#HallOfFrame - Field - Sheffield (UK) LOGO

“Field Cycles is a collaboration between a group of friends from various craft, design and engineering disciplines. The unique skillsets of the contributors – a maker, a painter and graphic designer – have come together in a shared passion that treats the fabrication of a bicycle as an exploration of craft, aesthetics and function.”
Field Cycles – Sheffield (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Field - Sheffield (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Moonmen - Fort Collins (USA) LOGO

“Todd Heath, owner and founder of Moonmen, fell in love with bikes as a child. His parents tell stories of him pedaling loops around the neighborhood, oblivious to the passing of time or household obligations. Although much has changed for Todd since then, what fuels him has stayed the same: the joy of the ride.
In 2014 Todd decided to take his ten years of industry experience fabricating bicycles and created a bike company that was all his own. A place where he could use his talent and skills to share the joyful riding experience he had come to love so well.
Todd combines passion, knowledge, and skills to provide his customer with the same joy of the ride that keeps him going.”
Moonmen – Fort Collins (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Moonmen - Fort Collins (USA) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Belle Cycles - Barcelona (Spain) LOGO

“Handmade Custom Steel Cycles”
Belle Cycles – Barcelona (Spain)

#HallOfFrame - Belle Cycles - Barcelona (Spain) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - No.22 Bicycle Company - Toronto (Canada) LOGO

“Our point of departure is frame material: we fell in love with the ride of titanium and named our company after it. We then took to the task of sweating details of fit and finish. Our frames are based on carefully considered geometries and tubing profiles. We use the highest grades of titanium tubing available, build our frames in our own production facility it the United States with our veteran craftsmen, and confidently back them with our ten year warranty. We carry this meticulous approach through to our clean-lined and contemporary finishes that showcase the beauty of raw and anodized titanium.”
No.22 Bicycle Company – Toronto (Canada)

#HallOfFrame - No.22 Bicycle Company - Toronto (Canada)



#HallOfFrame - Chiossi Cycles - Modena (Italy) LOGO

“Our history starts in 1942 when Enzo, my father, becomes a shop boy of the unforgettable Ennio Gilli, breathing and sharing genius and humanity. Since then we have gone through the years pushed by passion for races and mechanical. The friendship and collaboration with real masters of cycling has gradually increased our skills and powered our enthusiasm. Today we invent and produce. Handcrafted. One by one.”
Chiossi Cycles – Modena (Italy)

#HallOfFrame - Chiossi Cycles - Modena (Italy)



#HallOfFrame - Talbot Framework - London (UK) LOGO

“From a balance bike for a 2 year old to a Rohloff equipped tourer for a newly minted pensioner, via no-compromise race bikes and practical training bikes, Talbot Frameworks can create the perfect frame for your requirements.
Tubesets are assembled for each frame, taking the best from Reynolds, Columbus and Paragon Machine Works.”
Talbot Framework – London (UK)
#HallOfFrame - Talbot Framework - London (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Ruff Cycles - Regensburg (Germany) LOGO

“We are not just here committed to simply building bicycles. We firmly believe that our unique bikes should be fun and with great style, while not sacrificing on quality of any kind.
We recognize our responsibility towards our customers and partners to deliver an awesome product we proudly stand side-by-side with.
Handcrafting and welding frames since more than a decade! Ruff Cycles is your choice when it comes to quality, style and service!”
Ruff Cycles – Regensburg (Germany)

#HallOfFrame - Ruff Cycles - Regensburg (Germany) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Shand Cycles - Livingston (Scotland) LOGO

“We’ve been building bespoke frames by hand since 2003 and can offer custom frames alongside our production range of hand-built frames and forks.
We specialise in building in steel and can tailor any build to meet your needs using tubing from Reynolds, Columbus, True Temper, Tange and Dedacciai – and due to higher volume production, we have access to tube-sets not readily available to other builders.”
Shand Cycles - Livingstone (Scotland)

#HallOfFrame - Shand Cycles - Livingston (Scotland) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - English Cycles - Eugene (USA) LOGO

“What is it about the bicycle? Something about the freedom and sheer joy of the supreme efficiency of the marriage of man and machine. Something about the zen of the meditative state during riding.
English Cycles started officially in 2009 after I had built a few frames for myself and friends. I went part-time at my job in 2011 in order to focus more on my business, and then left in 2013 to be a full time independent custom bike builder.”
English Cycles – Eugene (USA)

#HallOfFrame - English Cycles - Eugene (USA)


#HallOfFrame - FiftyOne Bikes - Dublin (Ireland)

“When I was a pro I always got the latest and finest bicycles to ride, from the world’s biggest companies. They were great. But they were never quite what I wanted.
When I decided to create my own bicycles I had a clear and simple vision. I wanted to build unique machines, tailored to express the passion, the personality and the tastes of each individual rider.”
FiftyOne Bikes – Dublin (Ireland)

#HallOfFrame - FiftyOne Bikes - Dublin (Ireland) FRAME


#HallOfFrame - Burls Bicycles - Harwich (UK) LOGO

We are a small family business offering bespoke titanium bicycle frames, forks, components and complete bicycles.
We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and personal customer service, striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We offer fantastic value for money for a very high end product which elsewhere would cost a lot more because we do not have a retail outlet. We focus on a one-to-one, bespoke service throughout the design and build process which in turn brings us further new business through recommendation, rather than relying on glossy marketing. This is why we can pass these savings onto our valued customers. We believe the product speaks for itself.
Burls BicyclesHarwich (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Burls Bicycles - Harwich (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Cyfac - Hommes (France) LOGO

“The world’s most advanced custom carbon tandem, LE DUO CARBONE is the culmination of Cyfac’s full panoply of capabilities.  Custom geometry, custom tube configuration, and custom finish all create the world leader in custom carbon tandems.
Available in a variety of build options and custom lay-outs, LE DUO CARBONE is the culmination of Cyfac’s entire set of capabilities.”
Cyfac – Hommes (France)

#HallOfFrame - Cyfac - Hommes (France) FRAME



“Torino ha avuto un’ epoca rigogliosa nel settore sportivo e telaistico, prenderne parte è un sogno che richiede un bagaglio enorme, ma penso che nulla sia impossibile, piace dire che sarà difficilissimo.”
“Torino has had an important era within the cycling and framebuilders world, to be part of that is a dream that requires a background of dedication, but I think nothing is impossible, I am happy to say it’s going to be difficult.”
Zino Frames – Torino (Italy)

#HallOfFrame - Zino Frames - Torino (Italy) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Moots - Steamboat Springs, CO (USA) LOGO

We handcraft high-performance titanium bicycle frames and components in our small factory in Steamboat Springs, CO. Our goal is to build each customer the best-fitting, finest-riding bike they will ever own.
Moots – Steamboat Springs, CO (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Moots - Steamboat Springs, CO (USA) FRAME




#HallOfFrame - Clamont Bicycles - Sydney (Australia) LOGO

The professional range of Clamont bicycle’s track frames are custom built from lightweight Columbus Aero tubing by master frame builder Geoff Scott, designer and builder of the frames used in Australia’s Olympic and Commonwealth Games successes in years past.
Clamont Bicycles – Sydney (Australia)

#HallOfFrame - Clamont Bicycles - Sydney (Australia) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Beaumont Bicycles - Colebatch (UK) LOGO

My experience from working as bicycle mechanic and an occupational therapist over the last 30 years has given me a unique skill set.  I understand how an improved sense of well being comes from matching fit, form, function with a consideration for our environment and how things are made.
Elizabeth ‘Beaumont Bicycles’ Colebrook BA BSc – Colebatch (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Beaumont Bicycles - Colebatch (UK) FRAME



#HallOfFrame - Nich - Bangkok (Thailand) LOGO

“We love cycling as much as you do, and we understand how much fun it is to ride the bike you love.
We work with a group of the most experienced engineers and composite experts to develop high performance bicycle frames and wheels.”
Nich Cycling since 2011, Handpaint, Handbuilt in Bangkok (Thailand).

#HallOfFrame - Nich - Bangkok (Thailand) FRAME