In the UK, a survey on behalf of Halfords included 4,500 adults.
41 per cent admited a lack of basic bike maintenance skills such as puncture repair or adjusting brakes.
The survey also found that 15 per cent have little cycle safety knowledge.

(Source: www.bikebiz.com)

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#Statsandnumbers - bikers-united - world bicycle relief

World Bicycle Relief builds and distributes specially-designed, locally-assembled, rugged bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs through study-to-own and work-to-own programs.
For increased sustainability, we train field mechanics to ensure access to maintenance and spare parts.




  • Student attendance increases by up to 28%;
  • Student grades increase by up to 59%
  • Healthcare workers reach 40% more patients more often
  • Entrepreneurs travel 4X further, carrying 5X more goods, increasing profits by up to 50%


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#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - czech CX national champioships 1st

On Saturday 12 Dec. the Czech CX National Championships took place in Mlada Boleslav.

Paul HAVLÍKOVÁ (MRM – Avalon Pro Cycling Team) earned the 1st place in the women’s catagory finishing in a time of 43:06.
Martina MIKULÁšKOVÁ (TJ Stadion Louny) earned herself 2nd place in a time of 43:49.
Nikola NOSKOVÁ (AA-DRINK / KALAS Cycling Team) with bib No.5 earned the 3rd place in a time of 44:37.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - czech CX national champioships 3rd

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Here are Italy’s top 10 cycling cities by modal share:

01. Bolzano – 28%

02. Pesaro – 28%

03. Ferrara – 27%

04. Treviso – 25%

05. Ravenna – 22%

06. Rimini – 21%

07. Piacenza – 20%

08. Sondrio – 20%

09. Venezia – 20%

10. Pordenone – 19%


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In a 2015 survey, League of American Bicyclists members agree that e-bikes have positive aspects. More than 80% of respondents indicated that they agreed or somewhat agreed that electric bicycles can be used by older people and people with physical challenges, functionally replace cars for a wide variety of trips, offer transportation options to people who can’t drive, expand the number of people using bicycles, get more people biking more often and make family bicycling more accessible.

#StatsAndNumbers - Bikers-United - E-bike positiv effects
McLeod, K., 2015Electric bicycles: public perceptions & policy

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According to a survey of British bike commuters, 40% took up cycling commuting for their health, 30% started riding to save money on fuel, and only 7% stated environmental concerns as their primary motivation for biking to work.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - cycleguard

Cycleguard, 2009“Health and fitness converting more cyclists,” M. Sutton, Bike Biz, June 4, 2009

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One-quarter of Copenhagen families with two or more children have a cargo bike.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - cargo bikes

Rohl, A., 2009

(“Summit starts with lessons from Copenhagen,” J. Maus, BikePortland.org, March 10, 2009)

(Photo: www.pinterest.com/pin/114490015498641411/)

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27% of Australians who bicycle commuted for the first time during a “Ride to Work” day were still commuting by bicycle five months after the event.

Rose, G., and H. Marfurt, 2007

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - ride to work

(Travel behaviour change impacts of a major ride to work day event, Transportation Research Part A, 41, 351-64)


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In 2013 in the U.S., over 900 cyclists were killed and there were an estimated 494,000 emergency department visits due to bicycle-related injuries.

Data from 2010 show fatal and non-fatal crash-related injuries to bicyclists resulted in lifetime medical costs and productivity losses of $10 billion.


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From the 14th to the 18th October the 2015 UEC Track Elite European Championships took place in Grenchen (SUI).

The Women’s 500m Time Trial saw Anastasiia Voinova of Russia take gold medal and break the world record with an astonoshing 32.794 seconds!
At an average speed of 54.888kph she accomplished the first 250m in 18.634 seconds and the second 250m in 14.160 seconds.


(Source: www.uec.ch)


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Here are the final TEAM standings of the RedHook Crit 2015 Championships!

Top 3 Men’s Teams

#1 – 157PTS: Team Cinelli Chrome

#2 – 146PTS: Back2Back-IMAGO

#3 – 109PTS: Supernova Factory Team

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - cinelli chrome

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - back2back Imago

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - supernova

Top 3 Women’s Teams

#1 – 165PTS: Aventon Factory Team

#2 – 113PTS: PoloandBike

#3 – 99PTS: Conor WRC

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - aventon

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - Poloandbike

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - conor

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A North American survey shows 82% of bicycle commuters believe their health has improved since they started bicycle commuting.

Moritz, W., 1997

Survey of North American bicycle commuters: Design and aggregate results, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 1578, 91-101

(Photo: biketoledo.net)

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89% of Americans believe that transportation investments should support the goals of reducing energy use.

#Statsandnumbers - bikers-united - US energy reduction
National Association of Realtors and Transportation for America, 20092009 Growth and Transportation Survey

(Photo: csrwire.com)

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In Germany and the Netherlands, the elderly make over half of trips by biking or walking. In America, the elderly make only 9% of trips by biking or walking.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - elderly cycling
Pucher, J., and J. Renne, 2003Socioeconomics of Urban Travel: Evidence from the 2001 NHTS, Transportation Quarterly, 57, 49-77

(Photo: www.mirror.co.uk)

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In Hangzhou, China, where 84 percent of main and secondary roads separate bikes from cars, 44 percent of middle school parents who own cars (and 62 percent of those who don’t) ride a bike at least once a week.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - in Hangzhou
Lusk et al, 2014“Gender and used/preferred differences of bicycle routes, parking, intersection signals, and bicycle type: Professional middle class preferences in Hangzhou, China.” Journal of Transport & Health.

(Photo: www.nrdc.cn)

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#Statsandnumbers - bikers-united - RHC

This weekend was the 3rd edition of the Red Hook Crit Barcelona, here are the final results:

#Statsandnumbers - bikers-united - RHC results

#Statsandnumbers - bikers-united - RHC BCN

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The 2009 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships brought more than $1 million in direct spending to the Bend, Oregon region. The 2009 Road Nationals brought more than $1.4 million to the area.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - 2009 cyclocross
Lindberg, K., 2010Economic Impact Study: 2009 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

(Photo: cyclestuff.wordpress.com)
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Customers who arrive at retail stores by bike spend the same amount per month as comparable people who arrive by car – they tend to make smaller purchases but return more frequently. Studies in Toronto; New Zealand; Wales; Davis, California; and Portland, Oregon, all found this to be the case.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - monthly spending
Clifton, K., et al., 2012“Consumer Behavior and Travel Mode Choices”

(Photo: theguardian.com)

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Comparison of cycling accident fatalities in 25 countries…

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - fatalities

(Source: www.cycle-helmets.com)

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Today registration for the 3rd Barcelona Red Hook Crit officially opens.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - rhc bcn

Men’s race details:

  • 26 laps / 30 km total distance
  • 250 racers attempt to qualify*
  • Top 85 racers from qualifying advance to the main race
  • Qualifying positions 86 – 150 line up for a 14-lap “Last Chance Race’ with the top-10 finishers advancing into the main event

Wome’s race details:

  • 20 laps / 22.5 km total distance
  • 75 racer limit



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When the complete life cycle of the following transport modes are taken into account, the carbon emissions are approximately:

Bicycle - 21 g Co2/passenger/km traveled

Electric-assist bicycle – 22 g Co2/passenger/km traveled

Passenger car – 271 g Co2/passenger/km traveled

Bus – 101 Co2/passenger/km traveled

#StatsAndNumbers - Bikers-United - travel mode Co2

(Source: European Cyclists’ Federation, 2011Cycle more often 2 cool down the planet: Quantifying Co2 savings of cycling)

(Photo: www.earthtimes.org)
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#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - BKC2015 2

On the 20th July the 2015 Belgian Cargo-Bike Track Championships took place!

Frederyk Boudengen of cargo vélo took 1st place and also fastest lap at 8.08 seconds.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - BKC2015

(Source: www.facebook.com/bkcargofietsen)

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#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - south africa

In South Africa bicycles are used in many areas. It is estimated that 15 million functional bicycles are in existence and sales are roughly 300.000 per annum.

Bicycle use can be broadly classified as follows:
20% – Sport related
35% – Leisure/touring/recreation
10% – Work/transport of goods
5% – Commuting (Adults)
25% – Commuting (Scholars)
5% – Social

(Source: www.ibike.org / Photo: www.afroautos.com)

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In 2009, congestion caused 4.8 billion hours of travel delay and 3.9 billion gallons of wasted petrol, equaling a cost of more than $115 billion.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - congestion

(Source: Schrank, D., and T. Lomax, 2010 – The 2010 Urban Mobility Report, Texas Transportation Institute)

(Photo: www.transportationissuesdaily.com)

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#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - stage3

Fabian Cancellara has withdrawn from the 102nd edition of the Tour de France.
During Monday’s Stage 3 race, Cancellara was brought down heavily in a pile-up featuring at least 20 riders 55 kilometres from the finish line.
Although he continued the race arriving 11 minutes behind the stage winner, CT scans showed he had fractured his L3 and L4 vertebrae.

(Source: The Guardian / Photo: Eric Gaillard/Reuters)

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If current trends continue, nearly half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2020.
Stewart, S., et al., 2009 – The New England Journal of Medicine, 361, 23

Excess body weight may be responsible for more than 100,000 new cancer diagnoses each year in the U.S.
American Institute for Cancer Research, 2009

Bicycle commuting burns an average of 540 calories per hour.
de Geus, B., et al., 2007 – British Journal of Sports Medicine, 41, 8-12

In a study of nearly 9,000 middle-aged men, those who cycled or walked to work were leaner and less likely to gain weight than those who did not cycle or walk to work.
Wagner, A., et al., 2001 – International Journal of Obesity, 25, 940-4

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - obese in the us

(Photo: mountain-bike-world.com)

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#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - urbe results 1

Saturday 20th June the 2015 edition of the “Urbe Criterium Race” took place in Rome, Italy.

Through thundering rain and scorching sun the fearless (and brakeless) competitors raced around the Olimpic stadium complex “Foro Italico”.

Here are the top 10 results:

01 – Augusto Reati (Supernova Factory Team)
02 – Ivan Ravaioli (Bahumer Racing Team)
03 – Emanuele Poli (Supernova Factory Team)
04 – Enrico Biganzoli (IRD Modena)
05 – Fabio Scarrazzati (Back2Back)
06 – Luca Gibbin (Team Dafne)
07 – Omar Presti (Bahumer Racing Team)
08 – Paolo Bravini (Cinelli-Chrome)
09 – Alessandro Bruzza (Cinelli-Chrome)
10 – Gianluca Scafuro (Cykeln Rivalta Team)

For full details of race results, stay tuned to www.urbecriteriumrace.com/

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - urbe results 2

(Photos courtesy of www.flickr.com/photos/79things/)

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#StatsAndNumbers - Bikers-United - WomensTour

Tomorrow sees the kick-off of the “Aviva Women’s Tour” in the UK.
Sixteen of the world’s top teams will compete in the 2015 Tour, from 17 to 21 June, each fielding a six-rider line-up in the five day race.

Stage 1: 112.6 km
Stage 2: 138.0 km
Stage 3: 139.2 km
Stage 4: 103.8 km
Stage 5: 102.6 km

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A UK study asked the general public about their opinions of cycling. Respondents said: 65% thought bike riding is “normal” 7% thought cyclists were “strange” 69% believed that cyclists should be taken “seriously”, 43% wished they were cycling when they were stuck in traffic, 50% disagreed with the statement that “Roads are meant for cars not bikes” 6% cycled at least once a week, 28% cycled occasionally, just over half owned a bicycle.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - uk study
(Source: Pidd, H., 2010“Cyclists! The public thinks you’re cool and normal,” Guardian.co.uk Bike Blog)

(Photo: www.ocduk.org)

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