Tanja Erath – Dortmund (Germany)

#PicOfTheWeek - Tanja Erath - Dortmund (Germany)


(photo: @nils_laengner)

#BeTogether at AlleyCat Bikes Coffee

#BeTogether - AlleyCat Bike Coffee - Maastricht (Netherlands)



#InterestingFacts - Chris Froome Tour de France 2017

Chris Froome won his fourth Tour de France title on 23 July 2017. Although he never won a stage during the 2017 Tour, he was victorious thanks to his exceptional time trialing abilities showcased on the Grand Depart in Dusseldorf and on stage 20 in Marseille.
(Source: Wikipedia – Photo: letour.com)


Mart Aire en bici

#BikeArt - Mart Aire



#HallOfFrame - Paulus Quiros - Swansea (UK) LOGO

“Innovation award finalists for their work, Paulus Quiros have been designing and engineering bespoke bikes for almost a decade. Taking an academic approach to bike building, they combine high technical specifications and complex engineering in an aesthetic design. Their extensive knowledge, experience and passion come together to produce bikes that perform as good as they look”
Paulus Quiros – Swansea (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Paulus Quiros - Swansea (UK) FRAME



Kria Cycles – Reykjavík (Iceland)

#MondayMechanics - Kria Cycles - Reykjavík (Iceland)



Heather MacKinnon, Seattle – USA


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Anthony Richelot – Paris (France)

#PicOfTheWeek - Anthony Richelot - Paris (France)


#BeTogether at The Grind Coffee Company

#BeTogether - The Grind Coffee Company - Johannesburg (South Africa)



“Resolute Bay have been producing great cycling jeans with reflective detailing since launching in 2015, and now they’re expanding their product range – starting with a rain jacket.
The LS1 Rain Jacket is no normal waterproof cycling jacket though.
As you can see, this jacket has a secret. By day, it is a but a simple stylish jacket. But by night, when the bright lights of a car hit the jacket, it transforms!”

#InterestingFacts - Resulte Bay cycling jacket



#BikeArt - Yannig Roth on Flickr

(Source: Yannig Roth on Flickr)


#HallOfFrame - Donard Bikes - Strangford Lough (Ireland) LOGO

Donard Bikes is the only manufacturer in Ireland that builds bespoke custom bikes in both Carbon Fibre and Steel – infact one of only a very small number anywhere in the world that work in both materials!
Framebuilder, Owen Byrne built his first frame in 2012 and started Donard Bikes in 2015 and went on to win two awards at the prestigious Bespoked UK Handbuilt bike show in 2017.
Donard Bikes – Strangford Lough (Ireland)

#HallOfFrame - Donard Bikes - Strangford Lough (Ireland) FRAME



Deviant Bikes – Barcelona (Spain)

#MondayMechanics - Deviant Bikes - Barcelona (Spain)



Lisa – Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

#PicOfTheWeek - Lisa - Saint-Petersburg (Russia)


#BeTogether at Berlin Bicycle Café

#BeTogether - Berlin Bicycle Café - Kitchener (USA)



Here is an interesting solution for your daily chores:



#BikeArt - Jonathan Zurick on Flickr

(source: Jonathan Zurick on Flickr)


#HallOfFrame - Stanridge Cycles - Columbus (USA) LOGO

“The one goal I do personally pursue is that of knowledge about my business sector, business practices in general, refining and progressing as a builder. My personal quest has been that of bicycle form, bicycle geometry, how they correlate and translate to comfort for my casual consumer and speed to the athletes. I’m a believer in less bigness, more authenticity. Do what feels right and good things happen.”
Stanridge Cycles – Columbus, OH (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Stanridge Cycles - Columbus (USA) FRAME


Monkey Cycles – Rome (Italy)

#MondayMechanics - Monkey Cycles - Rome (Italy)





Ike Eno – Paris (France)

#PicOfTheWeek - Ike Eno - Paris (France)

(Photo by: Sylvain Ternard)

#CycleTracks - Bikers-United - Vol.29 - August


Photos: @nowheresy

#BeTogether at Bicioci Bike Café

#BeTogether - Bicioci Bike Café - Barcelona (Spain)



Life Is A Ride is just about to release a new backpack with a magnetic water bottle fixture!
Keep an eye on their website for details…

#InterestingFacts - Life Is A Ride packpack



#BikeArt - Tattoo July 4

(Unkown Source)

#HallOfFrame - Field - Sheffield (UK) LOGO

“Field Cycles is a collaboration between a group of friends from various craft, design and engineering disciplines. The unique skillsets of the contributors – a maker, a painter and graphic designer – have come together in a shared passion that treats the fabrication of a bicycle as an exploration of craft, aesthetics and function.”
Field Cycles – Sheffield (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Field - Sheffield (UK) FRAME



L’Hirondelle – Paris (France)

#MondayMechanics - L'Hirondelle - Paris (France)



Tania Parra – Malaga (Spain)

#PicOfTheWeek - Tania Parra - Málaga (Spain)


#BeTogether at Schicke Mutze

#BeTogether - Schicke Mutze - Dusseldorf (Germany)


#InterestingFacts - Danso Bamboo Bikes LOGO

“Every single Danso Bamboo Bicycle frame is hand made in the community of Kumasi, in Ghana, from locally sourced bamboo and sisal fibre.
The frame consists of bamboo tubes fastened with hemp fibers and bio-epoxy resin.”

#InterestingFacts - Danso Bamboo Bikes