Aarhus City Council in Denmark is testing a new “cycle pass” today.
Cyclists get a chip mounted on their bike, which gives them the opportunity to get a red traffic light to change to green when arriving at the junction.
The system is tested at the grønnegade/Åboulevarden junction, part of the upcoming super cycle track between Aarhus and Lisbjerg via Skejby.

With the system recognizing the bike at 100 meters before the intersection, the light can switch without the cyclist having to stop.
The system will give priority to a single cyclist when approaching the junction, but if multiple cyclists arrive the green light will be extended.
What is unique about the system is that you can target benefits to a special group of cyclists — in this case, long-distance commuters.

If the project proves to be durable, it should be extended to other places in the city — mainly in the signalized junctions on the main routes for cyclists.
The idea is to eventually roll out the system to a real “Cykelpas” for Aarhus. A kind of loyalty Club, where cyclists receive a number of free services such as signal priority, access to secure bicycle parking, access to air pumps etc…

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(Source: facebook.com/vidercykleriaarhus?fref=nf)

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