#‎CityScan: 2015 Top Stories!

Bangkok (Thailand):

Peppermint Bike Park – A layout consisting of two bike paths, one is paved with asphalt while the other is made mostly of wood bridges, berms, and elevated sections.
One of the coolest features is the ability to ride at night, evening sessions begin at 6pm and go until 10pm.

Santiago (Chile):

Mapocho42K – A mammoth 42 kilometer-long, 3.4 meter-wide cycle route alongside the River Mapocho.
The route links no less than eight of the city’s neighborhoods offering an incredible recreational challenge for anyone who loves to travel on two wheels.

#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile Mapocho42K


Ljubljana (Slovenia):

URBAN ROOF – A 400 sq/m indoor skate park open for skaters, bladers and BMX at both novice and pro levels.
Guided courses for all ages and for both genders take place almost every day.

#cityscan - bikers-united - ljubljana UrbanRoof

NewYork (USA):

RedHook Criterium –  A fixed-gear, brakeless Track bike race held in the Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn. Founded by David Trimble in 2008 the event quickly turned into a nebulous of its own.
Held at 11pm, participants are mainly messengers, trackies, roadies, fixie fanatics, and perform 24 laps for a total of 30km.


Taipei (Taiwan):

RIVER RIDE – There are more than 100 kilometers of beautiful, peaceful cycle paths along the three rivers that flow through Taipei.
You can pick up the “Taipei Metro Tourist map” from all Metro stations that show the cycle paths and the bike rental locations in the area.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Taipei - River ride

Lisbon (Portugal):

Ponte 2ª Circular Bridge – Opened in February 2015, this bridge for pedestrians and cyclists is a true piece of art!

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bridge1

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bridge3

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bridge2

Antananarivo (Madagascar):

Ambohimanga – Take a 20km cycle to the “blue hill”. Classed as holy due to the earlier presence of
the holy capital of the Merina Kingdom the site was named UNESCO world heritage in 2001.
Then continue to Ilafy where you can see the ruins of the priestly Rova.
#cityscan - bikers-united - antananarivo - Ambohimanga

Vancouver (Canada):

Vanier Park Dirt Jumps – In the heart of the city is the Vanier Park, check it out:

Beijing (China):

Laoshan Velodrome – Built for the 2008 Summer Olympics, it was tested during the UCI Track World Cup in December 2007.
It has a capacity of 6,000 spectators, a 250-metre oval shaped track, and a total land surface of almost 33,000 square metres.
#cityscan - bikers-united - beijing - velodrome

Groningen (The Netherlands):

Take a look at why Groningen became the world’s most bike friendly city.

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#‎CityScan: Helsinki (Finland)

While you are lapping up your ‘Lihapullat’ and sipping your ‘Bryggeri’ beer, check out this weeks “Shop-Stop” from the Finnish capitol:

Pelago Bicycles
Downtown Store
Kalevankatu 32
00100, Helsinki
+358 (0) 456572069

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - Pelago


Mountain Bike Shop
Läntinen Brahenkatu 8
00510, Helsinki
+358 (0) 9710630

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - MountainBike shop


HUG Bike Shop
Köydenpunojankatu 4a
00180, Helsinki
+358 (0) 401953658

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - HUG bike shop


Bike Company
Mechelininkatu 42
00250, Helsinki
+358 (0) 9493878

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - Bike Company


Fillarikellari Myymälä
Annankatu 19
00120, Helsinki
+358 (0) 104394990

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - Fillarikellari


Stadi Bike
Selkämerenkatu 6
00180, Helsinki
+358 (0) 504639696

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - Stadi Bike

Papa’s Bike
Meripuistotie 4
00200, Helsinki
+358 (0) 500864044

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - Papas bike


Meripuistotie 5
00210, Helsinki
+358 (0) 405456859

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Helsinki - Pyorahuolto


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#‎CityScan: Minneapolis (USA)

The City of Minneapolis promotes the use of bicycles as a safe, healthy and low-cost way to travel.
It was ranked as the countries #3 biking city by Bicycling Magazine (2014), and the #2 bicycling commuting city by the U.S. Census Bureau (2014).
The city has also been awarded with the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award from the League of American Bicyclists.

As of 2015, Minneapolis has 129 miles of on-street bikeways and 97 miles of off-street bikeways.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Minneapolis - NSC Velodrome

Just north of the city is the NSC Velodrome. Built to host the 1990 Olympic Festival track racing events and National Championships, during it’s 25+ years it has hosted US Olympic Trials, US National Track Cycling Championships and several world-class competitions including the EDS Cup and MN Fixed Gear Classic.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Minneapolis - NSC Velodrome2

The 2016 Winter Cycling Congress will be held 2-4 February in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Minneapolis - WCC16
In it’s fourth year, it aims to deliver a vibrant exchange about the use of the bicycle in a season when there are real and perceived barriers preventing people from realizing all the benefits year-round cycling can support in terms of health, wealth, happiness and equality.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Minneapolis - Department of Trasport

In 2005, Minneapolis was chosen for the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program (NMTPP), recieving $25 million over four-years, the study explored whether investing in infrastructure would help make people bike more.
Results showed they do. Results in the four pilot cities also showed an average increase of 49 percent in the number of cyclists, bicycling mode share increased 36 percent and communities saved an estimated 22 pounds of CO2 in 2010 per person or a total of 7,701 tons.

(http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/bicycles / http://velodrome.nscsports.org / http://wintercyclingcongress2016.org)

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#‎CityScan: Melbourne (Australia)

Five girlz, One city…

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#‎CityScan: Lisbon (Portugal)

The Carma Project
Build a bicycle from scrap car parts? It’s possible:

Ponte 2ª Circular
Opened in February 2015, this bridge for pedestrians and cyclists is a true piece of art!
(source: lisboncyclechic)

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bridge1

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bridge3 #CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bridge2

Lisbon Cycle Tours
Local tours around the city offering among others: Night Ride tours, River Side tours, The Essencial tour and Sunset tours!

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - Lisbon cycle tours

Jamor Bike Park
Just north of Lisbon is the Jamor bike park with intermediate Downhill and Freeride trails.

Lisbon Bike Map
Along Lisbon’s waterfront there are around 20kms of bike lanes on flat terrain.
From the City Center towards East to Parque das Nações and West to the area of Belém, check out their site for more details.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - bike map

The Vélocité Cafè
Opened in 2012 as the product of a dream of joining two passions: food and bicycles.
While wining and dining, you can get your bike fixed, buy a new bike or accessories or even rent a bicycle!

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lisbon - Velocite cafe

Portugal Bike
Offering weekly cycling holidays departing or ending in Lisbon, covering an average of around 50km a day…

#CityScanA - Bikers-United - Lisbon - portugal bike

A Week In Lisbon with Mike Curley

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#‎CityScan: Monterrey (Mexico)

Put down your Margarita and quit munching on your Enchiladas, this weeks cityscan is doing a “Shop-Stop” in Mexico’s Monterrey!

Ride My Bike
Morones Prieto #3026 Pte,
Col. del Carmen, Monterrey
+52 (81) 8143.0102
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - ride my bike

Río Panuco 2609
Col. Tecnológico,
+52 (81) 8359.1849
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - ecobikes

Adolfo Prieto 2306,
Obrera, Monterrey
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - regio bici

C.Hidalgo Ote. #437
Col. Centro, Monterrey
+52 (81) 8340.4250
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - bcpk

Bicicletas 360
Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas #1111.
Local 5. Plaza Las Brisas.
+52 (81) 8343 3896
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - 360

Ave. Lázaro Cárdenas
No. 3105 Col. Valle del Marqués
+52 (81) 8373.3410
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - top2wheel

Red Bike
Carr. Nacional #1110 L-12
Plaza Remax – Atrás de Carl’s Jr
La Estanzuela, Monterrey
+52 (81) 1099-4156
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - redbike

Bike Store Conty
Alfonso Reyes #343
Col. Contry Tesoro
+52 (81) 8349 0191
#cityscan - bikers-united - Monterrey (Mexico) - bikestorecontry

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#‎CityScan: Antananarivo (Madagascar)

Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and has vastly different habitats and a huge number of endemic species.
Many of its mammals, birds and plants exist nowhere else on Earth.
Its capital city Tana (short for Antananarivo) has a high prevelance of cyclists in spite of the absence of cycle paths or infrastructure.
Along many of it’s main roads like “Rue Rainizanabololona” are numerous make-shift repair shops that guarantee you will get to destination!
#cityscan - bikers-united - antananarivo - Rue Rainizanabololona
Vélos CT Motors is the number one bike shop in town!
Specializing in Scott, CTM & Kawasaki for both adults and children.
#cityscan - bikers-united - antananarivo - Vélos CT Motors
Tana Mountain Bike Tour is a yearly MTB championship composed of 5 races in and around Antananarivo.
The races are open to young and old at all levels!
#cityscan - bikers-united - antananarivo - Tana Mountain Bike Tour
Take a 20km cycle to Ambohimanga, the “blue hill”. Classed as holy due to the earlier presence of
the holy capital of the Merina Kingdom the site was named UNESCO world heritage in 2001.
Then continue to Ilafy where you can see the ruins of the priestly Rova.
#cityscan - bikers-united - antananarivo - Ambohimanga
African Bikers offers 16 day cycling holidays departing from Antananarivo and visiting the Ranomafana National Park, Lake Tritriva, the Sahambavy Tea Estate, I‘salo National Park and of course, the coast line!

#cityscan - bikers-united - antananarivo - African Bikers

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#‎CityScan: London (UK)

This week we’ll go “in-depth” into Brixton Cycles co-op, an initiative that over the past 30yrs has helped make London a more cycled city!

In 1983 “Brixton Cycles Co-op” was founded in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton.
There was a renewed interest in cycling brought about by a more “green” attitude to life (it was called ecology back then) and soon BC got a reputation for being an honest shop with an excellent workshop that would take on jobs that other bike shops wouldn’t touch.
Being a co-op means they’re worker owned and democratically run and members have a say in how the business is run.
Every Tom, Dick and Harriet you see in the shop is an owner – same pay, same say, equal rights, equal responsibilities.

#cityscan - bikers-united - brixton - UK - team

Specializing in Commuting, Touring, BMX, Folding, Kids, Racing, Mountain, and Singlespeed types of bikes.
They supply new bikes from Surly, Specialized, Trek, Genesis, Salsa, Brompton and more, and all the accessories you need to get riding and keep riding: lights, locks, clothing, luggage, trailers, spare parts and the tools you need to fit them – plus a variety of skateboards!
If you’re after a new bike, you can test ride it – they insist on it. They’ll observe you on the bike and talk you through the options. It’s the only way to be sure you’re getting a bike that suits you.

One year’s free of charge labour is given on all bicycles purchased from Brixton Cycles.
That includes servicing, customising, fitting accessories and all labour charges on repairs.

#cityscan - bikers-united - brixton - UK - workshop

The “Workshop”. Repairs and maintenance are at the heart of their business and they work on problems many other shops won’t.
The workshop is fully equipped to take on all kinds of repairs, maintenance, wheelbuilds, and custom builds.

Being a busy shop with limited storage space, they can’t bike-sit! They aim for a one day turnaround on booked-in services.

On-The-Spot morning repairs (9am – 10am, Monday – Saturday) – for smaller, emergency repairs, a “walk-in surgery” during the first hour each day we’re open is available.
Bring us your bike then, and they will endeavour to fix it while you wait!

#cityscan - bikers-united - brixton - UK - t-shirt

The “Brixton Cycles Club” was then established in 1990 and organizes regular Sunday club runs (one for hill heroes and one for “not quite as fit as I could be” types), and regular track events.

They run the following rides:
– Sunday club runs from Cafe St. Germain in Crystal Palace (8:30am meet). We run a novice/induction ride and a full club run on most Sundays.
– Midweek chaingang sessions. You need to be a club member for these rides. (Sign up here: brixtoncycles.cc)

They also organise a multitude of rides and other events through their forum, so once you’ve signed up the options are endless!



Call +44.020.7733.6055 / Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Tues 8am-6pm, Thu 9am-7pm

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#‎CityScan: Beijing (China)

When Mao Zedong’s Communist Party came into power in 1949, the bicycle industry boomed and became the government-approved form of transport.
Up until the 1980s, owning a bicycle was one of the four objects that signified a modern, well-to-do man in Communist China: a wristwatch, bicycle, sewing machine and radio.
Unfortunately, in Beijing bicycle use fell from 63 percent in 1986 to only 13.9 percent in 2013, according to the Beijing Transport Research Center.

Bamboo Bicycles Beijing
BBB is a community of leaders building bamboo bicycles.
They hold frequent workshops in the traditional Hutong area in order to engage the city’s residents in issues of urban mobility.
#cityscan - bikers-united - bamboo bicycles beijing
This is the premier fixed-gear bike shop in the city, allowing customers to assemble their bike from an amazing range of components!
Shaping an individualised bike for an individual rider.
#cityscan - bikers-united - beijing - Natooke
Laoshan Velodrome
The complex is located in Laoshan, in the Shijingshan District. It was built for the 2008 Summer Olympics and tested during the UCI Track World Cup in December 2007.
It has a capacity of 6,000 spectators, a 250-metre oval shaped track, and a total land surface of almost 33,000 square metres.
#cityscan - bikers-united - beijing - velodrome
The Beijing Peloton
Since 2006 the Peloton has continued to grow, whilst maintaining a simple goal : organizing weekly rides for amateur road cyclists.
Riding in the mountains around Beijing, about an hour away from the city center, the Peloton caters to the competitive and the more leisure amateur riders.
#cityscan - bikers-united - beijing - peloton
Bike Beijing Tours & Rentals
These guides are not just regular tourist guides, they are required to know more than just the main sites.
From the icon sites to the tiny unknown places they know pretty much everything in Beijing, they are the experts of local!
#cityscan - bikers-united - beijing - bike beijing tours and rentals
Beijing Hardcourt Bike Polo
We meet at the west gate of the Workers Gymnasium at 2:00 p.m. (4:00 p.m. for summer) every Sunday afternoon.
We welcome new and experienced players alike. Bike and mallets are provided.
#cityscan - bikers-united - beijing - bike polo
(Source: www.bamboobicyclesbj.com / www.natooke.com / www.bikebeijing.com / nationalgeographic.com / http://beijingpeloton.com / wikipedia)

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#‎CityScan: Seattle (USA)

20/20 Cycle
hosting live concerts, this shop was voted “best music venue that isn’t a music venue” by the Seattle Weekly.

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - 2020

Bike Works builds sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling.
Since 1996 we’ve worked to educate and empower youth, and make bicycling accessible and affordable to the Seattle community.

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - BikeWorks

Wrench Bicycle Workshop
A bike shop focused on repair, fix it.

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - Wrench

Recycled Cycles
Whether in town for a visit or taking a friend on a tour of town, rental bikes are a great way to go.
The sites of the city await!

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - recycled cycles

Back Alley Repair & Rental
Offering exceptional selection of Bridgestone bikes for rent, including a touring model, a sporty X0-5, an RB-2 or two, a classic mixte, and more.
Make your Seattle experience complete!

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - Back Alley

Pronto! Bike sharing system
With 500 bikes at 50 stations located across Seattle, Pronto is available for use 24 hours a day, all year round.
The station network will provide twice as many docking points as bicycles, assuring that an available dock to return your bike is always nearby.

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - Pronto bike share

MaryMoore Velodrome
The Marymoor Velodrome officially opened for racing in the spring of 1975.
The Friday Night Racing series, which runs all summer long, is a summertime sports tradition in the Seattle area.

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - Marymoore

North Seatac BMX track
Located in the North SeaTac park and open for your enjoyment dawn to dusk, 7 days a week!
The home of awesome BMX racing!

#picoftheweek - bikers-united - BMX track



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#‎CityScan: Brussels (Belgium)

This week we are back to Brussels again with the great documentary: Brussels Express.

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#‎CityScan: Vienna (Austria)

Vienna is one of 60 cities to have signed up to the “Charter of Brussels“, which commits them to promoting cycling and setting clear targets in road safety and in achieving a 15% “modal share” – the percentage of trips made by bicycle out of the total number of trips made by city-dwellers.
#CityScan - Bikers-United - Vienna - charter of brussels
Smart City Wein completed a pilot project of a block of 100 flats.
The entire ground floor of “Bike City“ and “time2live“ has been designated as a bike and wellness area.
The concept includes large bicycle rooms, free-of-charge outdoor workbenches with compressed-air and water connection, as well as a “car sharing” contact point.
Underground parking for cars is, of course, an obligatory component of Bike City, but only 50% of the typically required car parking facilities were constructed, and the large sum of money saved was invested in “bicycle and wellness“.
#CityScan - Bikers-United - Vienna - Smart city wein
Radlager Bike Cafè: “We sell vintage Italian Race bikes, modern steel bikes and the finest Italian coffee.”
Mon to Wed 8:00 to 22:00
Thur / Fri 8:00 to 00:00
Sat 10:00 to 00:00
Sun 10:00 to 20:00
#CityScan - Bikers-United - Vienna - Radlager
The Vienna “Citybike” service is a public bike rental system that allows everyone to move around by bike in Vienna at no or low cost.
1,500 bikes are currently available at 120 locations (terminals) throughout the city.
Launched in 2003, the number of registered users to date has reached 480,000.
#CityScan - Bikers-United - Vienna - citybike
In advance of the Vienna elections on Oct.11 2015, Radlobby Vienna (an organization that fights for road safety and bicycle use in the city) is running the “Voice for the Wheel” survey.
The survey is aimed at collecting input from the cities residents regarding cycling needs and necessities.
#CityScan - Bikers-United - Vienna - Radlobby
CICLOPIA‘s mission is to equip their clients with the perfect bicycle, discussing all facets of your needs so at the end you recieve a tailored bike for your lifestyle.
With all kinds of bikes from kids to pro, a full service center and broad range of accessories, they should suite all your needs!
Mon-Fri: 10h-13h, 14h-19h
Sat: 10h-17h
#CityScan - Bikers-United - Vienna - ciclopia
(Source: theguardian.com / https://smartcity.wien.gv.at / wien.gv.at / www.radlager.at / www.radlobby.at/wien / www.ciclopia.at)

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#‎CityScan: Lima (Peru)

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima

With over 8 million inhabitants, Lima has an excessive number of mass transport units (25,874 vehicles in total) and an oversupply of taxis (250,000 units when it should have half) according to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Only 100,000, just over 1%, of Lima residents currently use bicycles for transportation. However the majority of those urban cyclists ride in areas like San Juan de Lurigancho and Rimac, which do not have any of Lima’s 75 miles of dedicated bike lanes.
Let’s take a look at a few things the city has to offer:

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima - Pachacamac

Just 30km south of Lima are the Pachacamac ruins. Among other building, 17 pyramids contructed between 800 and 1450 AD have been found at this site.
Although almost the entire trip is flat, the intense traffic along the route may be nerve wracking for some so take your time and ride safe…

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima - Bike Tours
Bike Tours of Lima
Committed to providing tourists an interesting, and alternative way to see our city through guided bike tours.
Besides being safe, healthy and entertaining, it makes an important contribution to the development of tourism in our country, and promotes the use of alternative ecological means of transport, helping towards a healthier environment and a more human city.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima - Cicloaxion

A non-profit bicycle activist organization dedicated to promoting cycling interests for urban transport.
Their mission is to aquire a regulation that disseminates, protects and creates favorable and a suitable environment for cycling as transportation.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima - CM

The Critical Mass
(AKA Ciclopaseo Lima) meets in Parque Kennedy, in the Miraflores area every last Friday of the month at 8:30pm since 2007.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima - Actibicimo

A social group that promotes the use of bicycles as use of transport; “the city has room for pedestrians, public transport, bicycles and cars. We work so that this space is respected by all.”
They meet every first Thursday of the month at 8:30pm in front of the Municipality of Miraflores (on the pedestrian promenade of Central Park).

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Lima - Cycling

Cycling SRL
A high-end bike shop that offers much more; from pro bikes, parts and accessories to organized trips, trainings and cycling events!
Av. Tomas Marsano 2851
Santiago de Surco
Lima 33

(Sources: perureports.com / wikipedia / worldjusticeproject.org)

(Lima graffitti by unknown artist)

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#‎CityScan: Taipei (Taiwan)

Taipei Internations Cycle Show hsa over 3000 booths and 1000 exhibitors.
The annual 4 day bike show offers complete bicycles, bike parts, accessories and LEV (Light Electric Vehicles).

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Taipei - Cycle show

There are more than 100 kilometers of beautiful, peaceful cycle paths along the three rivers that flow through Taipei.
You can pick up the “Taipei Metro Tourist map” from all Metro stations that show the cycle paths and the bike rental locations in the area.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Taipei - River ride

Approx. 12km long and easily connected to the MRT Metro line, this scenic ride takes you around the old fishing ports of Taipei City.
Although quite short this ride may take several hours to complete considering the many local attractions along the way including market places, wildlife and temples!

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Taipei - Tamsui bali loop

For the fixed gear lovers, this is the shop to visit:
No.1, Alley 6, Lane 36, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Taipei - Skunk

The company is based in Taipei and currently sells folding bikes in 65 countries worldwide.
Though founded only in 2011, the company’s bikes have already received a number of international design awards, including iF and Red Dot awards.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Taipei - Tern


(Sources: wikipedia / ibikelondon / kitchen.j321.com / taipeicycle.com.tw)

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#‎CityScan: Athens (Greece)

This weeks cityscan is off to sunny Athens with a “Shop-Stop” to check out where to get your best cycling gear!


Pedals Bike shop

Kolokotroni 9 & Gkini 6

+30 21 1400 3047

#cityscan - bikers-united - pedals bike shop


World of Bike shop

23 G.Papandreou Ave.

+30 2107488692

#cityscan - bikers-united - world bike store


The Bikings

Γ.Παπανδρέου 33

+30 2109935610

#cityscan - bikers-united - the bikings



3ης ορεινης ταξιαρχιας 4 Ιλιον

+30 2102633490

#cityscan - bikers-united - rookie


Loukas Bikes

Δημοκρατίας 77

+30 2106139275

#cityscan - bikers-united - loukas bikes


The City Bike shop

8 Maragou str.

+30 6977695759

#cityscan - bikers-united - the city bike shop


Dirty Deeds

Atthidon 7

+30 6945011741

#cityscan - bikers-united - dirty deeds


Piranha Bikes

Διονύσου 5

+30 2108051125

#cityscan - bikers-united - piranha

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#‎CityScan: Hamburg (Germany)

Vattenfall Cyclassics
Organised since 1996, the event attracts some of the worlds top riders and is the only German event on the prestigious UCI WorldTour calendar.
Not just an elite race, it is also one of the biggest mass participation events in the world with around 22’000 participants each year.
They ride on closed roads in front of 800’000 spectators who turn out to watch both the elite and mass participation event.
Participants can choose between three distances: 55km, 100km and 155km.


“Green Network Plan” (Gruenes Netz)
The planned green network will cover 40% of the city’s area.
“It will connect parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, gardens and cemeteries through green paths” says Angelika Fritsch, a spokeswoman for the city’s department of urban planning and the environment.
“It will cover an area from the outskirts to the city centre. In 15 to 20 years you’ll be able to explore the city exclusively on bike and foot”.

#cityscan - bikers-united - Green network


Bellitanner Bikes
Founded in 2012, all Bellitanner bikes are designed assembled and packed in Hamburg, Germany.
They are produced with the best alloy that the market can provide. All frames are made of Columbus tubing, are heat treated and painted in Germany.
We select the best possible parts too ensure the best weight, stability and endurabilty for your ride.

#cityscan - bikers-united - Bellitanner


StadtRAD Hamburg
A bicycle sharing system, StadtRAD Hamburg, was launched in 2009. With 216’000 users, 129 stations and 1’650 bikes, the system is claimed to be the most successful in Germany.
In 2012 alone, the StadtRAD bikes were borrowed more than 2 million times for an estimated total of 1 million kilometres.
On peak days in 2012, each bike was used on average up to 7 times.

#cityscan - bikers-united - stadtRAD


Hamburg City Cycles
For over 5 years they specialise in guided bike tours, day trips on bike, bike rental and bike events in and around Hamburg.
With them you will be able to really get in touch with Hamburg discovering it from a cyclist´s perspective.
They offer:
guided bike tours with fixed schedules
private & individual bike tours
day trips on bike
bike rental
assistance & planing of bike events

#cityscan - bikers-united - hamburg city cycles


Hamburg offers a Velodrome (Stellingen Velodrome) an outdoor BMX track (www.rg-hamburg.de) an indoor PumpTrack (www.facebook.com/skarecoskatehall) and the “Harburger Berge” park area for excellent CX terrain!

#cityscan - bikers-united - facilities

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#‎CityScan: Vancouver (Canada)


#cityscan - bikers-united - velopalooza
Velopalooza promotes fun bike rides & events in Vancouver and surrounding areas. They throw a big festival in June, but also provide a year-round community calendar of bike rides and events.
Rides are put on by people like you. Anyone can add a ride or a bike-related event to the Velopalooza calendar.


Pedal Society

#cityscan - bikers-united - pedal-society
PEDAL is a non-profit society that oversees several bicycle related projects in the Vancouver area.
At its core, PEDAL’s programs enable, educate and empower members of the community to make cycling a part of their daily lives.


Let’s Go Biking

#cityscan - bikers-united - lets go biking
Let’s Go Biking is a great list of easy rides in-and-around Vancouver for all ages.
Their No.1 ride is the Seaside Greenway: 30km that follows the shoreline from the Convention Center along Coal Harbour,around Stanley Park, looping the False Creek seawall to Granville Island. Then past Kitsilano Beach, along the Point Grey Road Greenway and to the beaches of Jericho and Spanish Banks!


City of Vancouver

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As part of a proposed $150-million investment in transportation, the City of Vancouver intends adding to, completing, and upgrading parts of the cities cycling infrastructure.
Here is what the city offers so far:

#cityscan - bikers-united - city of vancouver


Vanier Park Dirt Jumps
In the heart of the city is the Vanier Park, check it out:

North Shore Bike Shop

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Here you will find the best custom-built bicycles, the fastest and most accurate service, and the hottest parts on the market today.
The vision at North Shore Bike Shop is to provide all customers, from first-time riders to seasoned pros, a no-attitude customer-focused environment.

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#‎CityScan: Asmara (Eritrea)

Influenced by the Italian occupancy, cycling is more popular than football in Eritrea although the roads and “style of driving” is not always adapt to the sport.

This video depicts a journey from Asmara down to the Red Sea shore… In fixed!

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#‎CityScan: Newcastle (UK)

This week we’ll go “in-depth” into a Geordie initiative that’s helping the growth of the local cycling community.

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The Cycle Hub is a social enterprise that promotes and facilitates cycling, complete with bike hire facilities, cafe, bike shop and repair workshop…

The HUB cafe has a pretty epic location right on the riverfront, serving great local coffee along with a variety of teas and cold drinks or, local beers from Tyne Bank Brewery and Allendale brewery.
The HUB kitchen is open every day until 4PM, serving a selection of freshly made hot and cold food and seasonal specials, sourcing as much produce possible from local suppliers and artisan producers.

The riding around Newcastle is fantastic! In order to help you get the best out of the riding here, The Hub puts together a schedule of social rides, guided rides and self-led cycle routes.

The mechanics are all highly skilled individuals and nice folks too and are happy to ensure that your bike is in tip-top condition and ready for action.

A fleet of Roam 2 bikes from Giant in both men’s and step-through frames, from XS to XL to suit all riders are available. Rental starts at half a day (4 hrs) upwards.
Child trailer, child seat and a tag-along’s are also available to hire!
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The Cycle Hub, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ph: 0191 276 7250
#CityScan - bikers-united - newcastle2
Mon: 9am – 5pm
Tues: 9am – 5pm
Wed: 9am – 5pm
Thurs: 9am – 5pm
Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: 10am – 5pm


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#‎CityScan: Cairo (Egypt)

The Cairo Cycling Club is a multicultural organization devoted to enjoying and enhancing cycling experiences available in and around Cairo.
They organize regular weekly rides for all levels of cyclists.

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Ain Bicycles custom make simple city bikes designed for the potholed streets of Cairo.
They are the first community centre for cyclists in Cairo, where you can meet, learn, campaign and work together to make Cairo a cycling city!

#cityscan - bikers-united - ain bikes


The Cairo Bike Scene promotes cycling in Cairo for everyday transportation and informs about the health BENEFITS of active transport.
Participation in their bike rides are at no charge! It is organized by the community and everybody is invited to join.

#cityscan - bikers-united - cairo bike scene


An article in Cairo360 – The Definitive Guide to Living the Capital, specifies these Bike-friendly areas:
The area around the Giza Pyramids, Al Rehab City, Katameya Heights, and compounds in 6 of October like Gardenia and Al Rabwa.
The Garden City Corniche and Kasr El Nil Bridge make for picturesque trips; but try to cycle on an early Friday morning and avoid weekday traffic.
Quiet neighbourhoods like Degla in Maadi (try Road 254 or the quiet neighbourhoods around the Canal Street) or Masaken Sheraton in Heliopolis would be great for a spin on a Friday morning also.

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The epic “Cairo to Cape Town” bicycle record was broken this year by UK cyclist Mark Beaumont in just 41 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes.

#cityscan - bikers-united - cairo to cape town


Here is a short video from Yalla Bicicletta about what cycling is like in the Egyptian capital:

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#‎CityScan: Strasbourg (France)

Despite being new to the Copenhagenize Index, Strasbourg has long been the premier cycling city in France and is in 4th place on the 2015 index.
#cityscan - bikers-united - Strasbourg
Bicycle infrastructure plans started in 1978 and today, 8% of people in the Strasbourg area cycle (this rises to 14% in the city centre).
There are more than 580km of cycle tracks, earning Stasbourg the honour of being the city in France where bicycles as a means of daily of transport are used the most.
The city is also crossed by the 570km EuroVélo 5, the London to Brindisi (Italy) route.

Because the city centre has many streets closed to cars, travel by bike can be the quickest way around.
Lanes are well-marked. Be aware that conveniently, many one-way streets in Strasbourg carry two-way bike paths (a contra-flow system).
At some marked junctions, bikes are allowed to turn right at a red light (while still yielding to pedestrians).

The city has over 18,000 bike racks and secure parking lots.

#cityscan - bikers-united - parking
850 secure parking spaces are available at the train station with a nominal yearly subscription, which includes video surveillance as well as maintenance and tire inflation facilities.

The Strasbourg Festival of the Bike (Fête du Vélo) is held annually and celebrates the two-wheeled mode of transport and sport.
#cityscan - bikers-united - fete du velo
Just outside the city is the “Piste des Forts”, or “fortress cycle trail”, covering 85 km in France and Germany on a trail that takes you around the 19 fortresses of Strasbourg’s famous “Fortress Belt”.

Vélhop is Strasbourgs bike-sharing system and has a solution for all cycling needs: short or long-term, occasional or regular rental, personalised advice in our boutiques or the automatic stations for more autonomy all round the clock.
#cityscan - bikers-united - velhop
(Source: strasbourg.angloinfo.com / www.freewheelingfrance.com / copenhagenize.eu / www.velhop.strasbourg.eu / community.tdaeroplan.com)

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#‎CityScan: Brisbane (Australia)

Need an inner-tube? Need some wet-lube? Need a new brake wire or a bike to hire? This weeks “shop-stop” will help you find what you’re looking for:

Gear Brisbane
3a Browning Street
Ph: 07 3846 7900
#cityscan - bikers-united - gear

High Gear Racing
Shop 3 30 Samford Road
Ph: 07 3160 9844
#cityscan - bikers-united - highgear

122-124 Kedron Brook Road
Ph: 07 3352 3844

Ashgrove Cycles
498 Waterworks Rd
Ph: 07 3366 0379
#cityscan - bikers-united - Ashgrove

Rival Bikes
295 Tingal Rd
Ph: 07 3393 4004
#cityscan - bikers-united - Rival

Epic Cycles
81 Baroona Road
Ph: 07 3171 8704
#cityscan - bikers-united - epic

Bicycle Revolution
294 Montague Rd
Ph: 07 3342 7829
#cityscan - bikers-united - bike revolution

Bike Force
95 Redlands Bay Rd
Ph: 07 3245 5568
#cityscan - bikers-united - bfa

Downstairs – 2nd Level
King George Square Bus Station
Ph: 07 3221 6868
#cityscan - bikers-united - bicycle2city

Chain Gang
24/500 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd
Ph: 07 3715 8990
#cityscan - bikers-united - chain gang

Bike Obsession
133 Mary St
Ph: 07 3221 7228
#cityscan - bikers-united - bikeobsession

For the Riders
316 Ipswich Road
Ph: 07 3891 7561
#cityscan - bikers-united - fortheriders

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#‎CityScan: Stockholm (Sweden)

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For a European capital city, “Capital of Scandinavia’s” cycling infrastructure punches above its weight despite a meager 6-7% cycling mode split.

You don’t see cyclists everywhere, but along key routes at commute time in good weather, regular platoons of 50 cyclists are impressive.
As measured along 18 points (most of them bridges), the city estimates 63,000 cycle commuters into (or out of) the city per day.
The city’s boundaries are expansive, consuming almost 200 km2 for the city (and doubling that for the urban area).
A notable point for a city with such vast land area is that facilities are everywhere; the total kilometers of cycling facilities is an impressive 2,110 kilometers.
Furthermore, the city has largely recognized the problems created by bridges and has taken measures to address these (including a ½ kilometer shared pedestrian tunnel provided to avert a steep climb in the center of the city).

The primary cycling corridor from the south, Götgatan, was redesigned in mid-June 2014 which entailed removing a lane of auto traffic, creating more pedestrian space, and widening the bike lanes.
Accompanied by traffic signals timed for 18 km/hr, Stockholm now has its own 9 km-long “Green Wave”.
#cityscan - bikers-united - bianchi
Hip shops and bike-bars such as the “Bianchi Café & Cycles” and the “Urban Bike Wear” and the fact that the 2013 edition of the “Bicycle Film Festival” was held in Stockholm shows the interest to promote and expand the local cycling community.
#cityscan - bikers-united - UBW
Some city leaders claim they are adamant about doubling the cycling mode share by 2030.
Let’s hope they succeed!!!

(Source: http://streets.mn / Photo: Henrik Trygg)

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#‎CityScan: Singapore

Let’s take a look at Singapore’s current National Cycling Plan…

In Singapore, cycling is increasingly becoming popular. Given the compact size and inter-connected urban areas, cycling can be an attractive recreational activity and alternative mode of transport for short distance commute.
Cycling as a lifestyle choice will be a major step towards a green, clean and liveable environment for all.


Off-road intra-town cycling paths will allow residents to cycle safely from their homes to major transport hubs and key amenities such as food centres, schools, supermarkets and community centres within the town.

With a more comprehensive cycling network, cycling can be a healthy, convenient and affordable mode of transport for short commuting trips.

#cityscan - singapore - cycleplan 4


These principles guide our efforts to improve and create a cyclist-friendly environment:
– Bicycle racks will be provided at MRT stations and key destinations, ensuring that cyclists have conveniently-located parking facilities.
– Bicycle crossings will be established to link cycling paths that run across roads and waterways, via signalised crossings, overhead bridges, underpasses and footbridges.
– Local information on cycling routes and related facilities will be made easily accessible near amenities.
– Signs will be improved and standardised along cycling routes to facilitate way-finding and enhance the cycling experience.
– Adequate lighting will be provided on cycling paths for safety and security.
– Guidelines will be established to ensure consistent design of cycling infrastructure.


The vision of the National Cycling Plan is a cyclist-friendly, well-connected network providing safe and healthy cycling for all.

(Source: www.ura.gov.sg/uol/master-plan/View-Master-Plan/master-plan-2014/master-plan/Key-focuses/transport/Transport)

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#‎CityScan: San Francisco (USA)

#CityScan - bikers-united - san francisco

5 Astonashing statistics about cycling in San Francisco:

1. One mile of roadway planned through Golden Gate Park is 1,283 times more expensive to San Franciscans than one mile of protected bike lane.

2. From 2006 to 2011, cycling in San Francisco has increased by 71 percent making up 3.5 percent of all trips in the city (almost 75,000 bike trips per day).

3. When San Francisco made its Valencia Street less conducive to automobile travel and better for bicyclists and pedestrians, two-thirds of merchants said the increased levels of bicycling and walking has improved business.

4. During San Francisco’s 2010 “Bike to Work Day”, bicycles accounted for 75% of traffic on the famous Market Street (which has protected bike lanes).

5. Residents cycle to exercise, improve the environment and to enjoy the outdoors. The most common trip purpose for frequent riders (>3 times a week) is the worktrip. Infrequent riders (<3 times a week) are more apt to bike for recreational purposes.

(Sources: peopleforbikes.org / State of Cycling Report)

(Photo: theguardian.com)

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#‎CityScan: Groningen (Netherlands)

This weeks CityScan takes a look at why Groningen became the world’s most bike friendly city.


(Source: www.streetfilms.org)

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#‎CityScan: Toronto (Canada)

A Majority (54%) of Toronto Residents Cycle. About 25% primarily cycle for recreation, and 29% cycle regularly for transportation.

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Toronto cover

Here’s what the “Toronto Cycling Network Plan” have achieved since 2001:

  • 45 new bicycle signals have been installed, with 14 more planned as part of upcoming projects
  • 16 bicycle/pedestrian bridges constructed, with 23 more planned as part of upcoming projects
  • There are over 17,000 post-and-ring bicycle racks installed city-wide
  • Bike Share Toronto is available for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • The new zoning-bylaw and bicycle parking guidelines for developers will ensure that all new buildings provide secure bicycle parking
  • TTC buses have been equipped with bike racks
  • Both Toronto’s network of Cycle Tracks, and the Central Waterfront Trail are plowed and salted in the winter, to support year-round cycling
  • Toronto’s Union Bicycle Station, a high-security bicycle parking facility, helps GO and TTC users travel their final mile into Toronto’s core
  • More Toronto staff are using bicycles as part of their jobs. Police Officers, By-law inspectors, EMS staff, parks and Transportation staff use bikes with the support of the employee CANBIKE training program
  • Toronto distributes 100,000 cycling maps annually as a free public service

#CityScan - Bikers-United - Toronto

(Source: www.torontocyclingnetwork.info)

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#‎CityScan: Zaragoza (Spain)

This week we are doing a “shop-stop” – a list of bike shops in the chosen city.
So if you’re in the area and need a new bar-tape, a tube or a trike, here’s where to find it:

La Cicleria – www.lacicleria.com
C/ Bubierca, 2
Tel: +34 976 134 241

#cityscan - bikers-united - cicleria

Recicleta – www.recicleta.com
C/ Conde Asalto, 69
Tel: +34 976 295 800

#cityscan - bikers-united - recicleta

Alen Bikes – www.alenbikes.com
Avenida Salvador Allende, 31
Tel: +34 976 730 167

#cityscan - bikers-united - alen

Ciclos Almogavar – www.ciclosalmogavar.es
C/ Poeta Leon Felipe, 6
Tel: +34 607 289 909

#cityscan - bikers-united - almogavar

Trek Bicycle Store – Zarabici – www.zarabici.es
C/ Santander, 36
Tel: +34 976 564 777

#cityscan - bikers-united - zara

Ciclos Contrareloj – www.cicloscontrareloj.es
Av. Juan Carlos I, 24
Tel: +34 976 750 781

#cityscan - bikers-united - cicloscontrareloj

Gran Via Bikes – http://granviabikes.com
Paseo Fernando El Católico, 43
Tel: +34 976 552 638

#cityscan - bikers-united - gran via bikes

Ciclos Marcen – www.ciclosmarcen.com
C/ Reina Fabiola, 20
Tel: +34 976 426 040

#cityscan - bikers-united - marcen

Alba Bike – albabike.com/bicis/index.php
C/ del Conde de Aranda, 132
Tel: +34 976 430 771

#cityscan - bikers-united - albacar

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#‎CityScan: Santiago (Chile)

In sprawling Santiago de Chile, the share of daily commuters who travel by bicycle is increasing 20 percent annually, cyclist fatalities are dropping (34 percent between 2011 and 2012), and bike-share is expanding.
An estimated 800,000 santiaguinos get around town on two wheels.
So let’s take a closer look at what the city has to offer:


#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile Mapocho42K
A mammoth 42 kilometer-long, 3.4 meter-wide cycle route alongside the River Mapocho.
The route links no less than eight of the city’s neighborhoods offering an incredible recreational challenge for anyone who loves to travel on two wheels.


#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile CicloRecreoVia1
Winning hands down as the city’s most notable achievement to date in terms of recreational cycling.
Eleven of the capital’s municipalities participate every Sunday throughout the year from 9am to 2pm converting many of Santiago’s main streets into cycle-only zones.
More than 40,000 people can be seen cycling across the streets, making it the largest gathering of people who actively participate in physical activity for fun across the entire country.


#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile MTB
Surrounded by the Andes, the Chilean capital offers some of the best circuits around for Mountain biking.
The best areas are the valleys, which provide exciting obstacles amid lush vegetation.
Two of the most popular destinations are Río Clarillo National Reserve in Pirque (45 km from Santiago) and the Aculeo Lagoon (68 km from the capital), which offers more than 40 km of optimal biking terrain.

LaBicicletaVerde Tours

#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile LaBicicletaVerde
As a sustainable tourism company, La Bicicleta Verde has and continues to revolutionize tourism in and around Santiago.
The city bike tours are the first of their kind and take you to the main sights of the city as well as the hidden cultural spots other tours miss.
You experience, not only see, the culture, history and vibe of our Latin American capital.

Critical Mass

#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile CM
Starting at Plaza Italis at 20:00, the CM in Santiago takes places every first Tuesday of the month and is called ‘cicletada First Tuesday’.
Critical Mass is a cycling celebration that takes place every month in many cities worldwide.
Its purpose is to demand a greater presence of bicycles in cities to reduce discomfort caused by motorized traffic: noise, pollution, congestion, insecurity.
The name comes from the eponymous sociological concept, which refers to the number of individuals involved in a phenomenon from which it acquires its own dynamic that allows you to sustain and grow by itself.

Rebel Callejeros

#CitySan - Bikers-United - Chile Rebel
An Urban Cyclists blog that keeps you up to date with all the pedal-power news that is going on in the city!

(Source: contactchile.cl/en/santiago-blog / mapocho42k.cl / ciclorecreovia.cl / chile.travel/en / labicicletaverde.com / citylab.com / thebrightredbackpack.wordpress.com)

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#‎CityScan: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ljubljana was launched onto it’s journey as a bicycle-friendly city from an early age, thanks to a team of urban planners that travelled to Copenhagen to study bicycle infrastructure in the late 60s/early 70s.
The city is the European Green Capital 2016, and since 2006 cycling has increased by 12% – mainly as a result of the investment into infrastructure.
Recent statistics have revealed that in the city 37% of people walk and 12% cycle, although Slovenia has a higher car ownership rate than Germany!
The city has over 70 kilometres of cycle tracks and more than 130 kilometres of bicycle lanes.

So let’s take a look into the local urban cycling scene and the day-in day-out pedal-pusher projects:

1. PICI BICI “Bicycle Boutique”.
A one-stop shop with accessories, mechanic, apparel, and bikes from Fixed to Fat, from CX to Vintage.
A good selection of beers and comfortable chairs along with friendly and fun staff make it a must when visiting the city.
#cityscan - bikers-united - ljubljana PiciBici

Taking rain protection to a higher level!

A growing collection of words and images from the amazing world of outside creativity.
The world offers endless possibilities and inspiration can be found on every corner… seek, and you shall find.
It is a one man operation, inspired by cycling, wilderness and exploration.

#cityscan - bikers-united - ljubljana Cognitivestate

Maybe one of the must talented, recycling and revisiting vintage, constructing and welding to create amazing pieces cycling artwork…

#cityscan - bikers-united - ljubljana RetroRats

A 400 sq/m indoor skate park open for skaters, bladers and BMX at both novice and pro levels.
Guided courses for all ages and for both genders take place almost every day.

#cityscan - bikers-united - ljubljana UrbanRoof

(Source/Photo: pici-bici.com / musguard.com / cognitive-state.com / retro-rats.com / urbanroof.si / wikipedia / ec.europa.eu / copenhagenize.com)

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