Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


“When buying you first bike, most people are afraid to invest. Unfortunately a good bike will cost you some money.
Don’t be fooled by the brand of the bike.
Famous bike brands will almost always make a cheap line of bikes, which will have the same poor quality as a unknown brands of the same price range.
On cheap bikes they will make compromises to keep the price low, this will result in more service costs on the long term and eventually less bike fun!”
Velofixer – Brussels (Belgium)



Jose Garcia Rey – Malaga (Spain)



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This weekend the 16th Annual Bicycle Film Festival is back in Milan!
And on Friday night, ‘Bikes Rock in Milano’ will have Wolfgang Flur from Kraftwerk and Sergio Vega from Deftones performing!!!








“Our frames are always cut and created to match the needs of their rider. Sarto means tailor…a rather novel approach in today’s market.
What does this allow us to do?  Anything your heart desires.  From custom geometries as unique as you are, to one-off changes like seatpost diameters and head tube sizes.

We are always pleased by our ability to offer services the rest of the industry cannot. The truth is, most companies are too big, too risk averse, and too cheap to sell anything but their stock models. We offer a wide variety of add-ons and variations to our line of frames, from adjustments to geometry and fit, to bottom bracket type, integrated seat masts, dropouts, internal routing and anything else you might need.”
Sarto – Venice (IT)




Alessandro Ceci – Rome (Italy)


Photo: @the_fool_on_the_bike

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A 2010 UK study asked the general public about their opinions of cycling. Respondents said:
65% thought bike riding is “normal”  and 7% thought cyclists were “strange”
69% believed that cyclists should be taken “seriously”
43% wished they were cycling when they were stuck in traffic
50% disagreed with the statement that “Roads are meant for cars not bikes”
6% cycled at least once a week, 28% cycled occasionally, just over half owned a bicycle.

#statsandnumbers - bikers-united - uk study

(Source: Pidd, H., 2010“Cyclists! The public thinks you’re cool and normal,” Guardian.co.uk Bike Blog)
(Photo: www.ocduk.org)






“It’s always been our dream to design and build quality frames right here in the UK. It’s a passion and an obsession. Our designs are innovative, our construction quality second-to-none.
Sure, we don’t suit everyone’s tastes – that’s because we make the bikes we want to ride. But it’s this philosophy that’s gained us top-scoring reviews across the board ever since we started out. What we do, we do well.
And if there’s one claim we’re willing to defend, it’s that you will not find another frame with as much love and care put into it, anywhere.”
BTR Fabrications – Frome (UK)




Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


“On a fixed-gear bike, always use locktite 243 to fix the cog on the hub. Put a thin layer underneath the cog and lockring then thighten it. Never use grease instead!”
Bajnok – Budapest (Hungary)




Böbe – Budapest (Hungary)


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The 2016 Red Hook Crit world championships is over and WHYBENORMAL? has taken the victory of the women’s team title!
What an achievement and what great female athletes…








“Each of our custom bicycles are one of a kind. Appearance of your bike stands on your style and wish of our great ideas.
We implement solutions that are not used on stock bicycles, designing bikes based on size of your body to make your ride very comfortable.
Each of our bikes are made with maximum attention and professional experience.”
ParkRoad Manufactory – Minsk (Belarus)




Jason Pietersen – Johannesburg (South Africa)


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Lora Zombie – ‘follow the unicorn’





“We all dream. My dream has been to introduce another line of handmade frames, offer a custom fit, and spread my enthusiasm of the ride to folks that haven’t been able to throw a leg over a Stanridge.

We want to have fun. Shred. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Our machines are made here in the USA by hand. We’re celebrating the brotherhood. It’s about the ride. We want to see where you ride. We want to hear about your adventures.”
Wraith Fabrication – Columbus, Ohio (USA)




Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


To remove pedals you must know 2 basic rules: The left pedal is reverse-threaded which means you must turn clockwise to loosen it, the right pedal is regular-threaded which means you must turn anti-clockwise to loosen it.
An easy trick is that indipendant of which side – left or right pedal, place the crankarm upwards and then turn the wrench (also positioned upwards) towards the rear of the bicycle!


Friederike Richter – Munich (Germany)


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This Saturday the 2016 8bar Crit will take place on the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin!

Qualiyfing heats are time-trail style on the 900m track.
All women will compete in the final race. Qualification time still matters for your grid position. The race will be held for 20 laps (18km).
The 70 fastest rider are directly qualified for the final. Everybody else starts in the “Last Chance Race” (10 laps) and the Top10 will qualify for the main event as well. The final race wil be held over 30 laps (27km).
Women will be able to register 2 for 1

You & Your Bike:
track bikes only – no road frame conversions.
no brakes.
Fixed Gear – with lock ring.
Dropbars with bar tape and bar ends. no riser, no bull horn.
18 spokes minimum // no trispokes, no discs.
clipless pedals with proper cleats – no platform pedals.
gear ratio: 48×15 or similar.
no helmet, no race!
no bottle holder, no lights.


Elena Romanova ‘Watercolor Couple on Bike’





“To make a bike that is super light, that is fast and still comfortable, is something. But there is a quality beyond that, something special that’s been a part of all of our favorite bikes over the years, something that causes them to lodge in our minds and hearts.
It is important to us to build bikes which have that quality. Special bikes. Favorites. And it’s important that they are this way, not for the first year or two years, but for at least a decade.
We hope that our bikes, most of them anyway, are lifers.”
Baum Cycles – North Shore – Victoria (Australia)



Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


“To know when it is time to change your chain, you must take it off and try to bend it as shown… A new chain will only bend very slightly back and forth.
Using an old chain can cause damage to the teeth both of the chain ring and also the rear sprocket.
When you replace your chain with a new “half-link” chain, you must remember to instal it in the right direction (inner link forwards – outer link behind).
It will not give any mechanical problems if mounted in reverse, but can be noisy and sound wrong!”
360 Bicycles – Barcelona (Spain)




Hakim Allah – Los Angeles (USA)


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– 100% Waterproof industrial-grade woven polyester upper with Lace guard
– Signature 3M™ reflective heel strip
– Balanced hardened midsole
– Fully recessed MTB/SPD cleat




Lora Zombie – ‘Creator-of-the-Universe’





“Bicycle sizing boils down to the relationship between the three points where your body contacts the bike: the saddle, the pedals and the handlebars. The frame itself could have any shape imaginable but as long as the measurements between those contact points is correct; you will fit on the bike.”
Rolo – Luxembourg




Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


“Our big tip for urban riders is take your time and enjoy the ride. Don’t get caught up in the frustrations that people in cars stuck in traffic try and project on to you. You’re riding a bike! Its probably the most fun part of your day if you’re commuting to work. And be extra nice to pedestrians, they are our friends.”
The Hackney Peddler – London (UK)



Judit Bán – Budapest (Hungary)


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Today overcomes the halfway mark of the 2016 Tour Of Britain. Stage 5 features 194.5kms and 3,292m of climbing across South Wales, Gloucestershire and finishing in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath.
Sunday’s 8th and final stage will be 16 laps around a central London circuit for a 100km adrenaline rush!



Marion Yeo ‘Abstract Bicycle Painting’

#BikeArt - Marion Yeo 'Abstract Bicycle Painting' - UK


#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Swarf logo

“At Swarf Cycles we aren’t interested in fashion fads and we’re not interested in form over function.
We care about making great bikes, with the focus on performance and strength. We use the best available materials and aim to offer as many options as possible to our customers.
We believe in thorough testing of our frames, we’ve ridden thousands of miles on the prototype bikes, we’ve raced, crashed, jumped, dropped and run them into trees! We wanted to be sure that our frames will perform long term and they have proven to be amazingly reliable”
Dorchester / UK

#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Swarf frame




Lorenzo Micheletto – Paris (France)

#PicOfTheWeek - Lorenzo Micheletto - Paris (France)

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“Velo Sister™ is an online shop and community for women who love cycling. The shop sells women-specific cycling themed t-shirts, vests, hoodies and more.
All of the clothing is ethically sourced and a percentage of the profits goes to charities supporting women in cycling and beyond. Velo Sister™ helps you look good, feel good and do good.
Abandon the high street, shun the online sports retailers aimed at men, and add Velo Sister™ to your favourites bar!!!”

#InterestingFacts - Velo Sister clothing



Mart Aire “Dupla”

#BikeArt - Mart Aire - Dupla



#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Cherubim Logo

“To create things with our own hands, here we believe in the origin of making things. Skills, experience, passion, man, Art. The fundamental approach of “handmade”, the intersection of imagination is a privilege of the human race. That is the Cherubim workshop in a corner of Tokyo, Japan.”

#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Cherubim frame



Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!

#MondayMechanics - Bikers-United - Whippet Cycling Co LOGO

“3 point safety check before riding a Fixie:
1- check tyre pressure
2- check chain tension
3- check pedal strap/clip/cleat
Happy riding!”

Whippet Cycling Co. – Johannesburg (South Africa)

#MondayMechanics - Bikers-United - Whippet-Cycling-Co SHOP


Photo: http://10and5.com/


Jennifer Bedoya – Medellin (Colombia)

#PicOfTheWeek - Jennifer Bedoya - Medellin (Colombia)

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