Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


To remove pedals you must know 2 basic rules: The left pedal is reverse-threaded which means you must turn clockwise to loosen it, the right pedal is regular-threaded which means you must turn anti-clockwise to loosen it.
An easy trick is that indipendant of which side – left or right pedal, place the crankarm upwards and then turn the wrench (also positioned upwards) towards the rear of the bicycle!


Friederike Richter – Munich (Germany)


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This Saturday the 2016 8bar Crit will take place on the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin!

Qualiyfing heats are time-trail style on the 900m track.
All women will compete in the final race. Qualification time still matters for your grid position. The race will be held for 20 laps (18km).
The 70 fastest rider are directly qualified for the final. Everybody else starts in the “Last Chance Race” (10 laps) and the Top10 will qualify for the main event as well. The final race wil be held over 30 laps (27km).
Women will be able to register 2 for 1

You & Your Bike:
track bikes only – no road frame conversions.
no brakes.
Fixed Gear – with lock ring.
Dropbars with bar tape and bar ends. no riser, no bull horn.
18 spokes minimum // no trispokes, no discs.
clipless pedals with proper cleats – no platform pedals.
gear ratio: 48×15 or similar.
no helmet, no race!
no bottle holder, no lights.


Elena Romanova ‘Watercolor Couple on Bike’





“To make a bike that is super light, that is fast and still comfortable, is something. But there is a quality beyond that, something special that’s been a part of all of our favorite bikes over the years, something that causes them to lodge in our minds and hearts.
It is important to us to build bikes which have that quality. Special bikes. Favorites. And it’s important that they are this way, not for the first year or two years, but for at least a decade.
We hope that our bikes, most of them anyway, are lifers.”
Baum Cycles – North Shore – Victoria (Australia)



Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


“To know when it is time to change your chain, you must take it off and try to bend it as shown… A new chain will only bend very slightly back and forth.
Using an old chain can cause damage to the teeth both of the chain ring and also the rear sprocket.
When you replace your chain with a new “half-link” chain, you must remember to instal it in the right direction (inner link forwards – outer link behind).
It will not give any mechanical problems if mounted in reverse, but can be noisy and sound wrong!”
360 Bicycles – Barcelona (Spain)




Hakim Allah – Los Angeles (USA)


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– 100% Waterproof industrial-grade woven polyester upper with Lace guard
– Signature 3M™ reflective heel strip
– Balanced hardened midsole
– Fully recessed MTB/SPD cleat




Lora Zombie – ‘Creator-of-the-Universe’





“Bicycle sizing boils down to the relationship between the three points where your body contacts the bike: the saddle, the pedals and the handlebars. The frame itself could have any shape imaginable but as long as the measurements between those contact points is correct; you will fit on the bike.”
Rolo – Luxembourg




Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!


“Our big tip for urban riders is take your time and enjoy the ride. Don’t get caught up in the frustrations that people in cars stuck in traffic try and project on to you. You’re riding a bike! Its probably the most fun part of your day if you’re commuting to work. And be extra nice to pedestrians, they are our friends.”
The Hackney Peddler – London (UK)



Judit Bán – Budapest (Hungary)


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Today overcomes the halfway mark of the 2016 Tour Of Britain. Stage 5 features 194.5kms and 3,292m of climbing across South Wales, Gloucestershire and finishing in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath.
Sunday’s 8th and final stage will be 16 laps around a central London circuit for a 100km adrenaline rush!



Marion Yeo ‘Abstract Bicycle Painting’

#BikeArt - Marion Yeo 'Abstract Bicycle Painting' - UK


#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Swarf logo

“At Swarf Cycles we aren’t interested in fashion fads and we’re not interested in form over function.
We care about making great bikes, with the focus on performance and strength. We use the best available materials and aim to offer as many options as possible to our customers.
We believe in thorough testing of our frames, we’ve ridden thousands of miles on the prototype bikes, we’ve raced, crashed, jumped, dropped and run them into trees! We wanted to be sure that our frames will perform long term and they have proven to be amazingly reliable”
Dorchester / UK

#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Swarf frame




Lorenzo Micheletto – Paris (France)

#PicOfTheWeek - Lorenzo Micheletto - Paris (France)

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“Velo Sister™ is an online shop and community for women who love cycling. The shop sells women-specific cycling themed t-shirts, vests, hoodies and more.
All of the clothing is ethically sourced and a percentage of the profits goes to charities supporting women in cycling and beyond. Velo Sister™ helps you look good, feel good and do good.
Abandon the high street, shun the online sports retailers aimed at men, and add Velo Sister™ to your favourites bar!!!”

#InterestingFacts - Velo Sister clothing



Mart Aire “Dupla”

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#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Cherubim Logo

“To create things with our own hands, here we believe in the origin of making things. Skills, experience, passion, man, Art. The fundamental approach of “handmade”, the intersection of imagination is a privilege of the human race. That is the Cherubim workshop in a corner of Tokyo, Japan.”

#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Cherubim frame



Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!

#MondayMechanics - Bikers-United - Whippet Cycling Co LOGO

“3 point safety check before riding a Fixie:
1- check tyre pressure
2- check chain tension
3- check pedal strap/clip/cleat
Happy riding!”

Whippet Cycling Co. – Johannesburg (South Africa)

#MondayMechanics - Bikers-United - Whippet-Cycling-Co SHOP


Photo: http://10and5.com/


Jennifer Bedoya – Medellin (Colombia)

#PicOfTheWeek - Jennifer Bedoya - Medellin (Colombia)

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Just two days to go until the 4th Redhook Crit commences in Barcelona!
The 24 laps (26 km total distance) of the women’s final will start at 20:00 and the 28 laps (31 km total distance) of the men’s final will start at 21:30.
The after party will be at 23:00 featuring Soren Manzoni (Nasty Mondays).

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Mart Aire “Untitled”

#BikeArt - Mart Aire - Untitled



#HallOfFrame - Moth Attack - USA LOGO

“Before there were frames, there was a moth attack. Or at least a moth infestation one morning in the Los Angeles kitchen of Megan Dean. It was one of those situations where one could either get annoyed or motivated, and Megan choose the latter.
Launching Moth Attack after perfecting her skills with master frame builder Koichi Yamaguchi, she now applies this knowledge to lugged and fillet brazed steel frame sets.
Each one custom made with purpose, fit and love in mind.”
Los Angeles (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Moth Attack - USA FRAME


Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!

#mondaymechanics - HAVEN CYCLES LOGO2

“Tool engagement is an important and overlooked basic mechanical skill that will save you from the frustration of stripped bolts and damaged tools. The principle is simple: take the time to make sure your tools are fully and securely engaged with the part you are adjusting before applying any pressure.
If necessary, modify your hand position to hold the tool in place where it meets the bike while applying pressure to the lever with your other hand.”
Haven Cycles – Brooklyn, NY (USA)

#mondaymechanics - HAVEN CYCLES SHOP


Ben – Singapore

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A 2009 study found that those who biked to work were fitter, leaner, less likely to be obese, and had better triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and insulin levels than those who didn’t active commute to work.

#StatsAndNumbers - Bikers-United - BP2

(Source: Gordon-Larsen, P., et al., 2009Active commuting and cardiovascular disease risk, Archives of Internal Medicine, 169, 1216-1223)
(Photo: blog.research.chop.edu)


Mart Aire “Ruta de Murales”

#BikeArt - Mart Aire - Ruta De Murales



#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Crema LOGO2

“We love to ride fast, and that is the mythos from which each one of our fully-custom handcrafted frames is born.
Our roots go back to the early era of BMX and have grown up through crit-racing, mountain biking, cyclocross and onward to exploring local trails and back roads.
The journey continues…”
Pfronten (Germany)
#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Crema FRAME


Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!

#MondayMechanics - Bikers-United - Treadly LOGO low

“Removable valve cores can be incredibly useful for installing some cheeky tubeless sealant to prevent punctures or valve extensions for those with deeper-than-the-ocean rims, but they can also ruin your day! If you’ve ever had to fix a flat mid-ride, only to find your new tube is going down ever-so-slowly, don’t be so hasty to get fed up and pull the thing off to check for punctures – it might just be your core.
Try to turn the middle section of your valve (just below the part you’d normally undo to pump the tube up) clockwise to tighten it, and if it moves at all you may have just fixed your “flat” without so much as removing a wheel. Pump back up to pressure and ride away!”
Treadly Bike Shop – Adelaide (Australia)

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Veronika – Helsinki (Finland)

#PicOfTheWeek - Veronika - Helsinki (Finland)

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#BeTogether - Le Peloton - Paris (France)



“Hjul creates everyday apparel with an urban cycling flair. Our products are constructed using durable fabrics and tried and true designs that produce timeless good looks.
Wherever life takes you, Hjul makes the ride better.”

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Mart Aire “Una Situación Habitual”

#BikeArt - Mart Aire - Una Situación Habitual



#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Dear Susan LOGO

“There are a lot of great frames out there. You can buy a quality frame off the peg for a few hundred pounds and there are some absolute masterpieces in carbon fiber costing many thousands. So what is the point of a frame builder?
What Dear Susan does is different. Dear Susan applies his creative and enquiring spirit to making bikes more useful and above all more fun.
Having a good understanding of the engineering demands of different structures and materials is the baseline, but to keep it interesting you need to use this knowledge to make something new and exciting, to make something that is truly life enhancing in the way that only bicycles can be.”
London (UK)
#HallOfFrame - Bikers-United - Dear Susan FRAME


Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!

#MondayMechanics - Bikers-United - Equilibrio urbano LOGO

“Safety in the city: Each cycling terrain needs a specific kind of bicycle, but sometimes we go too far trying to find the perfect bike.
On the other hand, in the city many people use bicycles that aren’t adapt to urban terrain, thinking that quality is unnecessary and that the bikes can easily be damaged or stolen.
Unfortunately cycling in urban areas is not always easy, due to poor road surfaces, cobbled stones, pot holes, slippery tram lines or drain covers etc.
One simple solution is to use a bicycle that permits the use of a larger tyre like the “Baloon”, available in 700×52 and 26” x 2.10. This gives more surface traction and having more air in the tyre gives a little suspension and therefore a more comfortable ride!”
Equilibrio Urbano – Milan (Italy)

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Davide Alessandro Rabolini – Milan (Italy)

#PicOfTheWeek - Davide Alessandro Rabolini - Milan (Italy)

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#BeTogether - GiraGira Chariya - Osaka (Japan)


The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are just round the corner, and BMX racing will be part of it (debut in Beijing 2008).
The Colombian cyclist Mariana Pajón Londoño is one of the favourites after winning gold in London 2012. She also has 14 world championships, 2 national championships in the US, 9 Latin American Championships and 10 Pan American championships under her belt…
We wish her all the best for Rio!


Mart Aire “Poeta & Mart”

#BikeArt - Mart Aire - Poeta & Mart


#HallOfFrame - Naked Bicycles - Canada LOGO

“We are a custom bicycle manufacturing company creating custom frames one by one with love, logic and elbow grease in Quadra Island (Canada) since 1998.
The bicycle is the most amazing thing to us. We work with them and ride them every day and yet they never cease to amaze. We love that with a few simple tools, we can create something that will take you around a velodrome in only a few seconds or around the world at just the right speed.
It is our goal to build bikes that not only get you from A to B, but make sure you arrive out of breath and with a monster size grin on your face.”

#HallOfFrame - Naked Bicycles - Canada FRAME


Quick tips to keep your wheels turning!

#MondayMechanics - HUG - Helsinki LOGO

“Every bike has some kind of bearings. It’s also very common that people ignore badly working bearings in their bikes and notice them just when the mechanic has told them.
There’s many kind of bearings, but they all have the same basic idea, to make sure that things roll smoothly with as less friction as possible.
They all need some grease to work well and it’s very important that they are just on the right tightness – not too loose when they will wobble or too tight when they will get stuck.
When good quality bearings are well serviced, they can work perfectly over decades!

But the most important of all, love your bike and show it.
When your love is sincere, you will also notice all his/her mechanical needs easily.”
Helsinki Underground Bike Shop – Helsinki (Finland)