L’Hirondelle – Paris (France)

#MondayMechanics - L'Hirondelle - Paris (France)



Tania Parra – Málaga (Spain)

#PicOfTheWeek - Tania Parra - Málaga (Spain)


#BeTogether at Schicke Mutze

#BeTogether - Schicke Mutze - Dusseldorf (Germany)


#InterestingFacts - Danso Bamboo Bikes LOGO

“Every single Danso Bamboo Bicycle frame is hand made in the community of Kumasi, in Ghana, from locally sourced bamboo and sisal fibre.
The frame consists of bamboo tubes fastened with hemp fibers and bio-epoxy resin.”

#InterestingFacts - Danso Bamboo Bikes



#BikeArt - Tattoo July 3

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#HallOfFrame - Moonmen - Fort Collins (USA) LOGO

“Todd Heath, owner and founder of Moonmen, fell in love with bikes as a child. His parents tell stories of him pedaling loops around the neighborhood, oblivious to the passing of time or household obligations. Although much has changed for Todd since then, what fuels him has stayed the same: the joy of the ride.
In 2014 Todd decided to take his ten years of industry experience fabricating bicycles and created a bike company that was all his own. A place where he could use his talent and skills to share the joyful riding experience he had come to love so well.
Todd combines passion, knowledge, and skills to provide his customer with the same joy of the ride that keeps him going.”
Moonmen – Fort Collins (USA)

#HallOfFrame - Moonmen - Fort Collins (USA) FRAME



Sorensen Sykler – Oslo (Norway)

#MondayMechanics - Sorensen Sykler - Oslo (Norway)



Jack Lin – Taipei (Taiwan)

#PicOfTheWeek - Jack Lin - Taipei (Taiwan)


#BeTogether at Tap Coffee

#BeTogether - Tap Coffee - London (UK)



Tour de France 2017, here are the current standings after today’s Stage 12 results!

#InterestingFacts - Tour de France - Stage 12 results



#BikeArt - Tattoo July 2

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#HallOfFrame - Belle Cycles - Barcelona (Spain) LOGO

“Handmade Custom Steel Cycles”
Belle Cycles – Barcelona (Spain)

#HallOfFrame - Belle Cycles - Barcelona (Spain) FRAME



People For Bikes – Mexico City (Mexico)

#MondayMechanics - People For Bikes - Mexico City (Mexico)



Carol Chan – Hong Kong

#PicOfTheWeek - Carol Chan - Hong Kong

#BeTogether at Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes

#BeTogether - BroomWagon Coffe + Bikes - Lexington (USA)



If you are heading to Cologne and need a cargo bike, Donk-EE have just started a bike sharing system with 40 electric Cargo bikes!
Donk-EE is handy and flexible: with the simple sharing system, you can borrow a bike whenever and wherever and for as long as you want. The bike lock opens with an app. If you want to park on the road, you only have to put the bolt back into the lock. To return the bike, go back to the respective Donk-EE partner, close the wheel and end the rental in the app – until next time.

#InterestingFacts - Donk-EE cargo-bike rental



#BikeArt - Tattoo July 1

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#HallOfFrame - No.22 Bicycle Company - Toronto (Canada) LOGO

“Our point of departure is frame material: we fell in love with the ride of titanium and named our company after it. We then took to the task of sweating details of fit and finish. Our frames are based on carefully considered geometries and tubing profiles. We use the highest grades of titanium tubing available, build our frames in our own production facility it the United States with our veteran craftsmen, and confidently back them with our ten year warranty. We carry this meticulous approach through to our clean-lined and contemporary finishes that showcase the beauty of raw and anodized titanium.”
No.22 Bicycle Company – Toronto (Canada)

#HallOfFrame - No.22 Bicycle Company - Toronto (Canada)



Backyard Bike Shop – Newcastel Upon Tyne (UK)

#MondayMechanics - Backyard Bike Shop - Newcastel Upon Tyne (UK)




Pia Hennigfeld – Berlin (Germany)

#PicOfTheWeek - Pia Hennigfeld - Berlin (Germany)

#BeTogether at Bicycle Cafe

#BeTogether - Cyclo Coffee & Apparel - Jakarta (Indonesia)



Ready for some summer cycling adventures? Maybe Scafell Pike Co. accessories are what you need to assure a smoother journey!

#InterestingFacts - Scafell Pike co


#BikeArt - Fraser Davidson 2



#HallOfFrame - Chiossi Cycles - Modena (Italy) LOGO

“Our history starts in 1942 when Enzo, my father, becomes a shop boy of the unforgettable Ennio Gilli, breathing and sharing genius and humanity. Since then we have gone through the years pushed by passion for races and mechanical. The friendship and collaboration with real masters of cycling has gradually increased our skills and powered our enthusiasm. Today we invent and produce. Handcrafted. One by one.”
Chiossi Cycles – Modena (Italy)

#HallOfFrame - Chiossi Cycles - Modena (Italy)



Fahrlaessig – Nurnberg (Germany)

#MondayMechanics - Fahrlaessig - Nürnberg (Germany)



Dorina Decurtins – Ascona (Switzerland)

#PicOfTheWeek - Dorina Decurtins - Ascona (Switzerland)


#BeTogether at Bicycle Cafe

#BeTogether - Bicycle Cafe - Prague (Czech Republic)



The 17th edition of the Bicycle Film Festival has just commenced and looks to have a very interesting program… Check their website for full details bicyclefilmfestival.com



#BikeArt - Fraser Davidson