Brompton recalls bikes over faulty part
“Through our warranty and quality assurance process we have become aware of an issue affecting a component manufactured between April 2014 – May 2017.
The axle of the 3rd party supplied FAG Bottom Bracket has had higher than expected reported incidence of failure. Although this still meets international safety standards this does not meet the standards which Brompton sets for its components.
We have therefore initiated a programme to recall all affected bikes and replace the bottom bracket cartridge with a new and tested part, free of charge to all of our affected customers.”
Check their website for further details:

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#HallOfFrame - Allied Cycle Works - Arkansas (USA) LOGO

“The question that I get asked more than any other is: “Why?” Why build a new brand? Why manufacture bicycles yourselves? Why not just make them in Asia like everyone else? My official answer is: “It is the right thing to do.””
Allied Cycle Works – Arkansas (USA)

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The Bicycle Hub – Dubai (UAE)

#MondayMechanics - The Bicycle Hub - Dubai (UAE)



Sammy Beltrame – Serrinha Bahia (Brazil)

#PicOfTheWeek - Sammy Beltrame - Serrinha Bahia (Brazil)


#BeTogether at Secret Cafe Nusa Dua

#BeTogether - Secret Cafe Nusa Dua - Bali (Indonesia)



For all you statistic freaks, here are some glasses that will give you real-time data while you are on your ride!

#InterestingFacts - Everysight glasses



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Alexandra Esker – Chicago (USA)

#PicOfTheWeek - Alexandra Esker - Chicago (USA)



Victoire Cycles

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#HallOfFrame - Saffron Frameworks - London (UK) LOGO

“We create custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each Saffron frame is unique and every one is hand-crafted especially for you. By first understanding what you want from your bicycle, together we design a frame matching your geometry and cycling goals. Then, after some measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting I turn that design into your perfect travelling partner on two wheels. We build just a few frames each year, and we treat each one with the same love and care.”
Saffron Frameworks – London (UK)

#HallOfFrame - Saffron Frameworks - London (UK) FRAME



Bike Aholic – Hong Kong

#MondayMechanics - Bike Aholic - Hong Kong



Andy Wang – Auckland (New Zealand)

#PicOfTheWeek - Andy Wang - Auckland (New Zealand)


#BeTogether at Red Lantern Bicycles

#BeTogether - Red Lantern Bicycles - New York (USA)



If you want your kids looking cool on their ride, check out MamaVelo’s website!

#InterestingFacts - MamaVelo apparel



Independent Fabrication

#BikeArt - Independent Fabrication



#HallOfFrame - Legend - Bonate Sopra (Italy) LOGO

“Our frames are created to satisfy the most exacting customers. They are all hand-made by expert craftsmen in our factory in Italy, who use the best technologies and equipment, resulting in a customized, hand-finished masterpiece. Clearly unique.”
Legend – Bonate Sopra (Italy)

#HallOfFrame - Legend - Bonate Sopra (Italy) FRAME



Geek Garage – Tokyo (Japan)

#MondayMechanics - Geek Garage - Tokyo (Japan)



Leeana-Kate James, Melbourne – Australia


Read the Interview…


Xoo Cuamatzin – Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico)

#PicOfTheWeek - Xoo Cuamatzin - Peublo de los Angeles (Mexico)

#BeTogether at La Bicycletterie

#BeTogether - La Bicycletterie - Lyon (France)



This weekend sees the RedHook Crit Milano No.8 take place, the last and decisive race of the 2017 Championship series.
On Saturday 14th @ 20:30 the Women’s Criterium will start and be followed by the Men’s Criterium @ 21:30!

#InterestingFacts - 2017 RHC Milano No.7



Demon Cycles

#BikeArt - Demon Cycles



#HallOfFrame - Métier Vélo - Salt Lake City (USA) LOGO

“Founded in 2013, Métier Vélo is a small-scale custom bicycle design and fabrication shop. Our bicycles are built with 3D-printed titanium lugs to join carbon-fiber tubes into light, strong, tough, repairable, and beautiful performance frames.”
Métier Vélo – Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
 #HallOfFrame - Métier Vélo - Salt Lake City (USA) FRAME


The Urban Cyclist – Denver (USA)

#MondayMechanics - The Urban Cycleist - Denver (USA)




Elio Guillen – Maracaibo (Venezuela)

#PicOfTheWeek - Elio Guillen - Maracaibo (Venezuela)


#BeTogether at Cafe Porteur

#BeTogether - Cafe Porteur - Hove (UK)