‘S-2 Side Table’ by Bike Furniture

#BikeArt - S-2 Side Table - Bike Furniture



#HallOfFrame - FiftyOne Bikes - Dublin (Ireland)

“When I was a pro I always got the latest and finest bicycles to ride, from the world’s biggest companies. They were great. But they were never quite what I wanted.
When I decided to create my own bicycles I had a clear and simple vision. I wanted to build unique machines, tailored to express the passion, the personality and the tastes of each individual rider.”
FiftyOne Bikes – Dublin (Ireland)

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4815 Urban Store – Las Condes (Chile)

#MondayMechanics - 4815 Urban Store - Las Condes (Chile)



Korina Miserli, Athens – Greece


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John Vincent – Manila (Philippines)

#PicOfTheWeek - John Vincent - Manila (Philippines)

#BeTogether at The Bikery#BeTogether - The Bikery - St.Petersburg (USA)




Giro D’Italia 5-28 May 2017

#InterestingFacts - Giro D'Italia Jerseys

MAGLIA ROSA: Climbing, Agility, Stamina

MAGLIA CICLAMINO:  Speed, Sprint, Power

MAGLIA AZZURRA: Leadership, Triumph , Team Spirit

MAGLIA BIANCA:  Youth, Enthusiasm, Willfulness



‘Modulus Bench’ by Bike Furniture

Bike Wheel Bench with back


#HallOfFrame - Burls Bicycles - Harwich (UK) LOGO

We are a small family business offering bespoke titanium bicycle frames, forks, components and complete bicycles.
We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and personal customer service, striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We offer fantastic value for money for a very high end product which elsewhere would cost a lot more because we do not have a retail outlet. We focus on a one-to-one, bespoke service throughout the design and build process which in turn brings us further new business through recommendation, rather than relying on glossy marketing. This is why we can pass these savings onto our valued customers. We believe the product speaks for itself.
Burls BicyclesHarwich (UK)

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ZealotBMX – Mumbai (India)

#MondayMechanics - Zealot BMX - Mumbai (India)



Jenna Leigh – Toronto (Canada)

#PicOfTheWeek - Jenna Leigh - Toronto, (Canada)

#BeTogether at Bike Terminal & Café

#BeTogether - Bike Terminal & Café - Bangkok (Thailand)



Listen to music while hearing what’s going on around you? With bone conduction speakers you can hear traffic and other surrounding noises while listening to your favourite tracks, and with Zungle Inc sunglasses you look cool too!



‘Vector Lounge Chair’ by Bike Furniture

#BikeArt - Vector Lounge Chair - Bike Furniture



#HallOfFrame - Cyfac - Hommes (France) LOGO

“The world’s most advanced custom carbon tandem, LE DUO CARBONE is the culmination of Cyfac’s full panoply of capabilities.  Custom geometry, custom tube configuration, and custom finish all create the world leader in custom carbon tandems.
Available in a variety of build options and custom lay-outs, LE DUO CARBONE is the culmination of Cyfac’s entire set of capabilities.”
Cyfac – Hommes (France)

#HallOfFrame - Cyfac - Hommes (France) FRAME



Zurich Cycle Store – Zurich (Switzerland)

#MondayMechanics - Zurich Cycle Store - Zurich (Switzerland)




Zoltan Bako – Budapest (Hungary)

#PicOfTheWeek - Zoltan Bako - Budapest (Hungary)


#BeTogether at Get Ya Fix

#BeTogether - Get Ya Fix - Perth (Australia)



“The performance of a cycle shoe with the comfort and style of a sneaker. The NBCycle shoe for women is SPD® clip compatible and designed with a full toe-to-heel plate with a recessed cleat.”

#InterestingFacts - NB cycling shoe



‘S-2 Bench’ by Bike Furniture

Bike Wheel Bench with padded seat.



“Torino ha avuto un’ epoca rigogliosa nel settore sportivo e telaistico, prenderne parte è un sogno che richiede un bagaglio enorme, ma penso che nulla sia impossibile, piace dire che sarà difficilissimo.”
“Torino has had an important era within the cycling and framebuilders world, to be part of that is a dream that requires a background of dedication, but I think nothing is impossible, I am happy to say it’s going to be difficult.”
Zino Frames – Torino (Italy)

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Tonantzin Contreras – Tlalpan (Mexico)

#PicOfTheWeek - Tonantzin Contreras - Tlalpan (Mexico)

#BeTogether at Loppo Kaffee Express

#BeTogether - Loppo Kaffee Express - Kiel (Germany)



This Saturday sees the RedHook Crit celebrate its 10th year in Brooklyn, NewYork.
Get ready for some adreneline racing!
#InterestingFacts - RHC Brooklyn 10th Year


4 - #BikeArt - tradingvoyageur.com

(source: tradingvoyageur.com)


#HallOfFrame - Moots - Steamboat Springs, CO (USA) LOGO

We handcraft high-performance titanium bicycle frames and components in our small factory in Steamboat Springs, CO. Our goal is to build each customer the best-fitting, finest-riding bike they will ever own.
Moots – Steamboat Springs, CO (USA)

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Thunderfist – Copenhagen (Denmark)

#MondayMechanics - Thunderfist - Copenhagen (Denmark)



Lola – Katowice (Poland)

#PicOfTheWeek - Lola - Katowice (Poland)

#BeTogether at Regroup Coffee + Bike

#BeTogether - Regroup Coffee + Bikes - Scottsdale (USA)